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Lew Tabackin: A Life in Jazz

Read "Lew Tabackin: A Life in Jazz" reviewed by Rob Rosenblum

Tenor saxophonist and flutist Lew Tabackin is known as a forceful and dynamic soloist, both in small group and big band settings. His views of the jazz music scene, both past and present, are equally compelling.

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend several hours with Mr. Tabackin for this interview. Rather than insert ...


Enoch Smith Jr.: The Quest: Live at the A.P.C.

Read "The Quest: Live at the A.P.C." reviewed by Jim Trageser

The Church has long been a cornerstone of African-American cultural identity, as well as musical inspiration. Gospel is the third leg of African-American music, coming of age alongside jazz and blues in the early part of the 20th Century.

Pianist Enoch Smith Jr. has managed to keep feet in two of those worlds. As ...


Holly Hofmann: Low Life: The Alto Flute Project

Read "Low Life: The Alto Flute Project" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Holly Hofmann, one of the jazz world's premier flutists, explores a deeper-toned territory with Low Life: The Alto Flute Project. Primarily a conventional C flautist--with an impressive discography--Hofmann has broken out the lower tone of the alto flute in her concerts, and occasionally on record. Now it's time for a full length CD featuring her expertise ...

Furthering The Flute In Jazz: Holly Hofmann and Bill McBirnie

Read "Furthering The Flute In Jazz: Holly Hofmann and Bill McBirnie" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Long gone are the days when the flute was only seen as a jazz novelty or a saxophonist's double. Once upon a time you could count the number of notable jazz flautists on a hand (or two), but the ranks have swelled a little bit over the years, and those leading the charge today aren't content ...


Mike Wofford: It's Personal

Read "It's Personal" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Sono appena una decina i dischi a nome di Mike Wofford, a fronte di una prestigiosa carriera iniziata in California negli ultimi anni del West Coast Jazz e tutt'ora in pieno svolgimento all'età di 75 anni.

Dotato di una solida preparazione classica, ha iniziato a esibirsi con Shorty Rogers, Art Pepper, Chet ...


Jeff Dayton-Johnson's Best Releases of 2013

Read "Jeff Dayton-Johnson's Best Releases of 2013" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Every year the list gets longer and more heterogeneous. There are blockbusters and obscure little gems, loud jazz and quiet jazz, hip hop and kora music, some of it downright unclassifiable. Which is fine. “Junku," a 1984 track anthologized on Herbie Hancock's spectacular box set below, is in fact both hip hop and kora music! In ...


Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band: Game Changer

Read "Game Changer" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Yes, the idea seems rather implausible: a big band comprised of sixteen flutes and rhythm. Flutist Ali Ryerson is the catalyst and guiding hand behind the Jazz Flute Big Band (JFBB), which was formed in 2005 and has been performing at various events across the country ever since. Before dismissing it out of hand, give the ...


Mike Wofford: It's Personal

Read "It's Personal" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Pianist Mike Wofford can boast decades of high-caliber sideman gigs: notably with vocalists Ella Fitzgerald (for whom he served as music director), Mel Tormé and Sarah Vaughan, as well as drummer Shelly Manne, saxophonist Phil Woods, guitarist Joe Pass and others. His studio work is amply represented on records by a dizzying variety of artists. And ...


Mike Wofford: It's Personal

Mike Wofford: It's Personal

Pianist Mike Wofford doesn't waste notes. Each one has purpose, as if his improvisations were worked out in advance. Of course, that's not the case. But his taste and beautiful choices say a great deal about his craftsmanship and the many moods he's able to create with engaging chord voicings. Wofford is a pianists you want ...


Mike Wofford - Holly Hofmann Quintet: Turn Signal

Read "Turn Signal" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Mike Wofford e Holly Hofmann sono presenti da oltre un trentennio sulla scena statunitense: con questo Turn Signal compendiano in sette brani, un paio di originali e cinque composizioni di autori più o meno loro coetanei, i tratti fondamentali del loro stile. Con una carriera costellata di importanti collaborazioni, i due riuniscono qui un quintetto dalla front ...