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ALA.NI on preserving the present moment in music

Read "ALA.NI on preserving the present moment in music" reviewed by Leo Sidran

In this podcast interview, singer-songwriter ALA.NI talks about job of the artist ("to see the world through a different lens and then share that experience"), why she moved to France ("I feel seen here"), improvised circle singing ("when we enter back into the child and the imagination, there's no rules!") and the genetic memory of violence ...


ALA.NI: You & I

Read "You & I" reviewed by James Nadal

Romantic poetry set to music can never go out of style, for it describes fundamental human emotions in a creative fashion. With the conceptual collection You & I, vocalist and composer ALA.NI presents a beautiful blend of chanson inspired lyrical rhythm, laced with vintage American jazz. Able to capture the essence of love in song, she ...