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Wanderlust: Wanderlust

Read "Wanderlust" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Wanderlust the band is led by pianist and songwriter Mike Adcock, based in Cheltenham in the west of England. Wanderlust the album features eight of Adcock's compositions (alongside the Norwegian folk tune “Nøkkendans") that draw on a wide range of musical styles, with a shared sense of joy and positivity.

The relaxed shuffle that ...


Allison Adams Tucker: WANDERlust

Read "WANDERlust" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Many modern-day jazz vocalists have been known to touchdown in a few different locales over the course of an album, but few to none get their passports stamped in as many places as Allison Adams Tucker does on the aptly named WANDERlust. Tucker brings her multilingual brilliance and cultural savvy to the fore during this expertly ...


Cliff Hines: Wanderlust

Read "Wanderlust" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo ottimo Wanderlust del chitarrista Cliff Hines si muove elegantemente in un clima onirico, dominato da ovattate sensazioni, che ci fa piacere associare al liquido amniotico, anche se nessuno di noi ricorda a livello conscio quelle piacevolezze morbide nelle quali siamo cresciuti. Un ritorno nel ventre della musica, senza che questo significhi rispolverare antiche tradizioni che, nel caso in questione, ...

Cliff Hines: Wanderlust

Read "Wanderlust" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Colleague Dan Bilawsky's razor review of Wanderlust noted that:

“Guitarist/vocalist/composer Cliff Hines is a product of this environment [New Orleans], but he's also a man of his own time. He mixes, merges and melds many a style into his musical cauldron but, most importantly, he captures the zeitgeist of 2013."



Cliff Hines: Wanderlust

Read "Wanderlust" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The melting pot mentality of New Orleans is responsible, in some part, for the existence and evolution of jazz in the first place, so it should come as no shock that it still serves a central hub for creativity and experimentation through combinatorial musical means. Guitarist/vocalist/composer Cliff Hines is a product of this environment, but he's ...