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Marcus Rojas: Dancing with a Tree

Read "Marcus Rojas: Dancing with a Tree" reviewed by Michael Blake

Sometimes musicians transcend what is considered normal technique. They discover new worlds of sound and establish concepts previously unknown; concepts that even defy the practical methods that the inventors of the instrument intended. One person I know that has done just that is Marcus Rojas. In third grade he decided to play the tuba and, even ...


"The Funky Way of Emil Viklicky" Reviewed in UK Vibe!

"The Funky Way of Emil Viklicky" Reviewed in UK Vibe!

Here is an interesting keyboardist deserving of wider recognition. Born in 1948 in the then-Czechoslavakia, Emil Viklicky made his album debut in 1975 in the middle of the jazz-fusion/rock period internationally and the album sold over 30,00 copies within the country. During 1977/1978, Viklicky was awarded a one-year scholarship to study at the prestigious Boston Berklee ...