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Trondheim Jazzfest 2018

Read "Trondheim Jazzfest 2018" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Olafshallen, Dokhuset and other venues
Trondheim Jazzfest
Trondheim, Norway
May 8-12, 2018

Trondheim, Norway's third largest city, is the country's main center of intelligence in science, engineering and technology. It holds a key place in Norwegian history and identity in general, and in jazz/music specifically.

The ...


Jelly Roll Morton Front and (Lincoln) Center

Read "Jelly Roll Morton Front and (Lincoln) Center" reviewed by Nick Catalano

With a three-night gala celebrating the music of Jelly Roll Morton, the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra marked its 30th season at Rose Hall. Focusing on Morton's pioneer arranging achievements with amplifications of them from Jazz at Lincoln Center performers, the evening offered a penetrating exploration of the Creole legend's multifarious compositional musings and featured a ...


Interview: Aaron Diehl

Interview: Aaron Diehl

Pianist Aaron Diehl has a way of making you think about what you're hearing. This happens on the ballads Single Petal of a Rose and Blue Nude from his The Bespoke Man's Narrative (2013). But Aaron also can make you think when turning up the heat with staggering command, as he does on Uranus and Broadway ...


George DeLancey: George DeLancey

Read "George DeLancey" reviewed by James Nadal

During the golden age of the big bands, composers wrote with the entire ensemble as a singular voice, with the soloist (and solos) connected to the concept of the song as a whole. The leading exponent of this era was Duke Ellington, whose writing was built around that awareness; and his songs have withstood the test ...


George DeLancey - Self-Titled Debut CD - With Aaron Diehl, Lawrence Leathers, Stacy Dillard & More!

George DeLancey - Self-Titled Debut CD - With Aaron Diehl, Lawrence Leathers, Stacy Dillard & More!

Rodney Whitaker's Protégé GEORGE DELANCEY
Self-Titled Debut CD NYC Release Gig:
September 28- Smalls Jazz Club CD Features All-Star Band Including: Aaron Diehl, Lawrence Leathers, Stacy Dillard and more! Straight Ahead Hard Swingin'! Bassist/composer/bandleader George DeLancey busted out with his self-titled debut CD July 9, 2016 to critical acclaim and nationwide airplay. He features an all-star lineup of ...


Jazzahead! 2016

Jazzahead! 2016

"I was part of the group that decided which international bands were going to perform at jazzahead!," says Tim Jackson, the Monterey Jazz Festival Artistic Director and jazzahead! jurist. This will be his first time attending the massive event that takes place April 21-24 in Bremen, Germany. jazzahead! was founded in 2006 in this Northern German ...


2015: The Year in Jazz

Read "2015: The Year in Jazz" reviewed by Ken Franckling

The year 2015 was a curious blend of ups and downs, with glimmers of optimism offset by its losses. Venues opened to great fanfare, but others closed for a variety of reasons. UNESCO's International Jazz Day became firmly entrenched as the exclamation point on Jazz Appreciation Month activities in April. Daily arts journalism took a hit ...


Aaron Diehl: Space Time Continuum

Read "Space Time Continuum" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Grazie a musicisti come Aaron Diehl, c'è da ben sperare per le sorti future del jazz. Il trentenne pianista statunitense sembra possedere classe e abilità strumentale da vendere, al servizio di una promettente progettualità. Attraverso le sue composizioni si respira un'aura autenticamente genuina di jazz, sprigionante un invidiabile senso dello swing.

Dando spazio a ...


Mack Avenue Superband: Live From The Detroit Jazz Festival - 2014

Read "Live From The Detroit Jazz Festival - 2014" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Bands fostered by labels and sourced from their stables are nothing new. The concept itself has always carried great possibility, but many a label has dropped the ball on the artistic responsibility side of the equation. At their worst, these types of get-togethers have come off as incongruous gatherings that are crudely slapped together. The concerts ...