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Recent Reading: Books About Jazz In Four US Regions

Recent Reading: Books About Jazz In Four US Regions

After jazz emerged—or coalesced—as a distinct form of music in jny: New Orleans in the early twentieth century, it quickly took hold throughout the world. Jazz musicians developed on every continent, even in countries where the spirit of jazz goes against the grain of politics and culture; a jazz community is emerging in China, not an eventuality that ...


Jimmy Ponder: His Recorded Output

Read "Jimmy Ponder: His Recorded Output" reviewed by Colter Harper

Jazz history has been intimately tied to its recorded output. Styles and genres are defined by landmark records, which stand responsible for representing the diffuse activities and artistic visions of a given musical community or individual. However, recordings are not simply glimpses of past musical realities but rather images of those realities filtered through various “lenses." ...


Jimmy Ponder: 1946-2013

Jimmy Ponder: 1946-2013

Soul-Jazz guitarist Jimmy Ponder was well known to serious jazz lovers for his recordings as a leader and appearances as a sideman on 80 albums. His unique bluesy sound, which incorporated Wes Montgomery's approach of playing octaves with the thumb, has influenced other guitarists. Ponder's playing was described as aggressive rhythm-and-blues figurations with swift and lucid chromatic ...

Take Five With Joy Divine

Read "Take Five With Joy Divine" reviewed by Joy Divine

Meet Joy Divine:

The power of music is my inspiration. The simple truth is, I love to sing. Anyone who knows me would say, I'm a passionate advocate for keeping music alive, no matter what. Anyone who knows me would also say I am a passionate advocate for keeping music alive in your life, no ...

More Fresh Sounds From Fresh Sound

Read "More Fresh Sounds From Fresh Sound" reviewed by Bruce Klauber

The Fresh Sound record label has released another superb batch of late 1950s and early 1960s recordings by jazz legends, greats, near-greats and now obscure artists who, then and now, deserve wider recognition. As detailed in previous pieces, Fresh Sound is the only organization out there issuing these essential works, which otherwise would remain lost.


Pianist Father John D'Amico Trio In Media Pa, Wed. Dec. 19th!

Pianist Father John D'Amico Trio In Media Pa, Wed. Dec. 19th!

Jazz Bridge in Media presents pianist Father John D’Amico, appearing at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County –145 West Rose Tree Road in Media - on Wednesday December 19th. Tickets are $10, $5 for students, and are available only at the door. Show time is 7:30. Composer/lyricist/pianist Father John D’Amico has been a Philadelphia area favorite ...


Dr. Lonnie Smith: But Beautiful

Read "Dr. Lonnie Smith: But Beautiful" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Dr. Lonnie Smith-organist, composer, bandleader and now principal of Pilgrimage Records-is the Cheshire cat of jazz. He's been part of the scene for so long that, even though he's there, he sometimes disappears from view; when you do get a glimpse, the last thing you see and the first thing you remember is his warm and ...


Grant Stewart: The Sound of Hard Bop Today

Read "Grant Stewart: The Sound of Hard Bop Today" reviewed by Marta Ramon

Grant Stewart is regarded as one of the most influential tenor sax players of the contemporary jazz scene. After nine formative years of intense learning and playing in his hometown of Toronto, the 19 year- old Stewart took his saxophone and bought a flight to New York. Once there, he did things his own way from ...


Randy Johnston: People Music

Read "People Music" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

Perhaps more than any other musical instrument, the guitarists of today come drenched in the music of highly diverse musical genres. The instrument has been a fulcrum of expression, from folk, country and blues to jazz and rock--with a smidgen of classical thrown into the mix as well. Thinking about it, the task of developing as ...


Shirley Crabbe: Home

Read "Home" reviewed by Edward Blanco

In 2006, jazz singer Shirley Crabbe suffered from a vocal cord injury, not knowing if she would ever be able to sing again. Home is her long-awaited debut, documenting a successful return appropriately acknowledged in the opening Leonard Bernstein piece “Lucky To Be Me." Her remarkable performance gives no clue to the nature of her prior ...