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Dave Gisler: Rabbits on the Run

Read "Rabbits on the Run" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Young Swiss guitarist Dave Gisler (Christoph Irniger's Pilgrim, Weird Beard) is gradually climbing the guitar hero stairwell, reaffirmed by this captivating trio date with his prominent fellow countrymen providing the oomph and pizazz throughout. And for those who need comparisons, think of Gisler's style skirting the peripheries of Sonny Sharrock, Jimi Hendrix and Bill Frisell, along ...


James Hall More: Than Just a Trombone

Read "James Hall More: Than Just a Trombone" reviewed by Nick Davies

This show features an interview with trombonist James Hall where we discuss his new album Lattice which is out on Outside in Music as well as other hot topics. We also follow the theme of good music so expect to hear all types of jazz featuring the likes of Miles Davis and Chick Corea


Weird Beard: Orientation

Read "Orientation" reviewed by Troy Dostert

On a recording that exemplifies the “less is more" approach to music-making, Orientation finds Florian Egli's Weird Beard quartet crafting dreamy soundscapes that derive their appeal from the interstices between the notes. With disarmingly simple tunes that seem at times to float on a delicate ether, alto saxophonist/clarinetist Egli, guitarist Dave Gisler, bassist Martina Berther and ...


Bray Jazz Festival 2017

Read "Bray Jazz Festival 2017" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Bray Jazz Festival
Various venues
Bray, Ireland
May 28-30, 2017

There are just so many cultural events going on in Ireland over the May Bank Holiday weekend that it can be a bit of a head-spin deciding what to opt for. Roots music gatherings, literature festivals, classical recitals, a chamber ...


Dave Gisler's Shizzle: Dream

Read "Dream" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Le piccole etichette svizzere continuano a stupirci con proposte coraggiose e mature al tempo stesso, disancorate dal solito stile hard bop. Il chitarrista Dave Gisler affronta queste otto composizioni, in parte scritte collettivamente, in parte scritte da lui stesso, con il giusto grado di curiosità e con la completa padronanza del linguaggio. Un idioma moderno e disincantato che non sfigurerebbe ...


Markus Lauterburg: Mumur

Read "Mumur" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Curioso organico: batteria, basso elettrico, chitarra, violoncello e sax soprano. Verrebbe da pensare ad atmosfere cameristiche, ad una certa qual levità. E invece la musica di Mumur è spesso carica di elettricità, di vera e propria tensione. Soprattutto nella prima parte dell'album, in cui solo la prima delle tre Bliss (tracce collettive, improvvisate) marca una pausa da atmosfere nervose e ...