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Van Taylor

Van Taylor has entertained all over the world at various Resorts and Embassies for over 30 years. He is a songwriter, and owner of Van Taylor Production music publishing company, and TM International an Internet music distributor company. Van is an artist developer, concert promoter and event coordinator. Van is the bandleader of the internationally known R&B/Jazz band “Taylor Made Jazz”. They have three CDs on the market produced by Van Taylor. Van also owns the group VTP, “Van Taylor Project”, a Jazz-fusion presentation— using Funk, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Blues, and Reggae. In 2008 Van Taylor and the band celebrated its 21st anniversary by donating proceeds to National inner-city youth opportunities and student against violence education


Holiday Song Creates Controversy by Reviving the Christmas Spirit

Buffalo, NY - The writing team of Taylor and Reile of Van-i-T Publishing have renewed the spirit of the holiday season with the re-release of their sure to be hit single, “Let's Celebrate Christ". Van Taylor and Teresa Reile have come up with a holiday hit that puts the meaning of Christmas back into the word. ...