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LEAGUS (Herborg Rundberg & Kristian Svalestad Olstad): Lea Áigi

Read "Lea Áigi" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

LEAGUS is a Norwegian duo made up of pianist Herborg Rundberg and guitarist Kristian Svalestad Olstad. Together they make music that ranges from minimalist atmospherics to frenetic free-noise. Rundberg has studied both classical music and jazz/pop/rock, and has worked with coastal sami traditions. Olstad studied jazz/pop/rock, and is involved in improvisation and studio recording (he mixed ...


Øystein Blix: Conditions

Read "Conditions" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Norwegian trombonist/composer Øystein Blix presents a work with the unusual instrumentation of trombone, guitar (& electronics), drums (& electronics) and male choir. Composed for and premiered at the Northern Lights Festival in Tromsø in 2013, “the libretto is a commentary on the struggle that artists and cultural institutions in Italy must endure during these hard financial ...