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Nheap: Flying And The Silence

Read "Flying And The Silence" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Nheap is the nom de musique of Assisi-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Massimo Discepoli. More specifically, it's the title under which he records and releases his own experimental, jazz-influenced compositions (he records his more electronic, club-oriented, music as Nheap XP). Flying And The Silence is the fifth album under the Nheap name since Discepoli started the project ...


Nheap "Flying And The Silence" - Free Download Until November, 30th

Nheap "Flying And The Silence" - Free Download Until November, 30th

Two years after 2011's Clouds under the table, highly appreciated by press and the public, “Flying and the silence" is the new, awaited chapter in Nheap's musical research. The fusion of modern sounds, such as ambient electronica and post-rock atmospheres, with suggestions of a more traditional kind, including jazz and funk, along with a deeper integration ...

Nheap: Clouds Under the Table

Read "Clouds Under the Table" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Clouds Under the Table è il nuovo lavoro firmato da Nheap, moniker dietro al quale troviamo la figura di Massimo Discepoli, batterista - e in questo episodio multi-strumentista - attivo su più fronti nell'ambito della musica ambient, etichetta stilistica che utilizziamo di comodo per inglobare un vasto insieme che va dal jazz alla musica d'avanguardia, passando attraverso lo ...


Nheap: Clouds Under The Table

Read "Clouds Under The Table" reviewed by Lawrence Peryer

Nheap is the nom de guerre of Italian drummer/composer Massimo Discepoli. The projects he puts out as Nheap are ethereal, mostly mellow electronic excursions accompanied by his own live acoustic drum work. Clouds Under The Table marks his third collection as Nheap.

“Ambient" might begin to describe this music, but the presence of ...


Praise for Nheap's "Clouds Under the Table"

Praise for Nheap's "Clouds Under the Table"

Now available also as special printed CD at Bandcamp "A vibrant and rich sonic color palette combined with soul shaking melodies and a live drum set move this music to a post rock/jazz fusion line where it music rests comfortably while creating an ambient pulse.[...]Clouds Under The Table is a well thought out and impeccably performed sonic ...


Nheap - "Clouds Under the Table" Free Download

Nheap - "Clouds Under the Table"  Free Download

Nearly two years in the making, and following the critically acclaimed Skymotion (selected as one of the best albums of 2009 by various blogs), Clouds Under the Table marks a new cornerstone in Nheap career. Featuring haunting melodies, quirky rhythms, organic electronics, postrock and jazz suggestions, dynamic live drums playing and a biggest sound, this album will ...