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Beninghove's Hangmen: Beninghove's Hangmen Plays Led Zeppelin

Read "Beninghove's Hangmen Plays Led Zeppelin" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Super Hi-Fi founder and bassist Ezra Gale established his cassette-and download-only label Very Special Recordings to give his compatriots and their fans the chance to take a chance. “The fact that cassettes are cheap to manufacture and to buy is huge, because we can take chances and just put out things we love, which we wouldn't ...

Beninghove's Hangmen: Pineapples and Ashtrays

Read "Pineapples and Ashtrays" reviewed by James Nadal

Picture an imaginary drive-in theater at the edge of a cliff. The movie is an assortment of grainy black and white vignettes of spaghetti westerns, furtive foreigners smoking, and retro surfing footage. The soundtrack is Pineapples and Ashtrays, performed by Beninghove's Hangmen. These guys play what they call 'creeptastic surf noir,' which defies further definition, but ...