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Jon Lundbom’s Big Five Chord: Make The Changes

Read "Make The Changes" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Earlier in the year, guitarist Jon Lundbom, and his Big Five Chord quintet, began the unusual business approach of releasing a stratified set of four EPs, eventually culminating in a complete box set on Hot Cup Records. The approximately one half-hour of content on each disc was a lavish proposal from the start, giving each EP ...


Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord: Play All the Notes

Read "Play All the Notes" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

When we last left Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord they had just released Bring Their 'A' Game, the second chapter in their four EP tetralogy. Like its predecessor, Make Magic Happen it was full of precarious diversions that went beyond well-mapped terrain. The group approaches the unfamiliar with cleverness, misdirection, and at times, a full-frontal ...


Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord: Bring Their ‘A’ Game

Read "Bring Their ‘A’ Game" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Bring Their 'A' Game is the second of guitarist Jon Lundbom's Big Five Chord, four-part series of 2016 EPs which will be offered as individual discs and as a box set. Each of the releases, on Moppa Elliott's Hot Cup Records label, runs approximately one half-hour and like the preceding entry, Make Magic Happen, the three ...