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Ben LaMar Gay: Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun

Read "Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Clamoroso esordio discografico su International Anthem (etichetta evidentemente abbonata ai debutti con il botto, vedi Jaimie Branch l'anno passato) quello di Ben LaMar Gay. Multistrumentista, cantante, membro dell'AACM, da una ventina d'anni presenza trasversale tra hip-hop, avant jazz, indie rock, elettronica, musica brasiliana (risiede saltuariamente in Brasile), appassionato e specialista dell'overdubbing, decide di pubblicare come primo ...


Ben LaMar Gay: Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun

Read "Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun" reviewed by Gareth Thompson

Within any given city you might hear birdsong and church bells competing with buskers, car horns and stereos. Within the realm of Ben LaMar Gay's debut album we run a similar gamut of sonic experience. A cornetist and composer from Chicago's South Side, Gay has worked with Jaimie Branch, Makaya McCraven and Joshua Abrams among others. ...


John McCowen: Solo Contra

Read "Solo Contra" reviewed by Daniel Barbiero

John McCowen's Solo Contra presents an EP-length, finely-sketched portrait of a rarely heard instrument: the contrabass clarinet. It also marks the most recent stage in an eclectic path through music that's taken him from the extremes of raw energy to the subtleties of timbral micro soundworlds. After having been involved with hardcore punk as ...


Jakob Baekgaard's Best of 2015

Read "Jakob Baekgaard's Best of 2015" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

These ten albums are just a few of the many great releases of 2015. Music was and still is a light in a world filled with problems and fear. When it is best, it encourages openness and contemplation and brings us closer together as humans. John Law These Skies In Which We ...


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