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Jazz Jantar 2017

Read "Jazz Jantar 2017" reviewed by Martin Longley

Jazz Jantar
Klub Zak
Gdańsk, Poland
November 9-12, 2017

Jazz Jantar is one of the less well-known Polish festivals (outside of Poland), but it has been running in the northern port of Gdańsk for two decades, and is housed by Klub Zak, an arts centre that has roots ...


Per Gärdin/Pedro Lopes/Rodrigo Pinheiro: History Of The Lisbon Chaplaincy

Read "History Of The Lisbon Chaplaincy" reviewed by Mark Corroto

It's interesting just how much place influences a recording. Was the session captured in a hermetically sealed studio or a noisy jazz club? Is the sound engineered or merely captured? And how does the architecture of the recording space effect the sound? Sound experimentalist Pauline Oliveros often recorded in an empty water cistern, timing notes against ...


John Sharpe's Best Releases Of 2016

Read "John Sharpe's Best Releases Of 2016" reviewed by John Sharpe

Here are ten new releases, reviewed at All About Jazz, which stood out among those I heard this year.

Wadada Leo Smith
America's National Parks
(Cuneiform Records)

While the title might conjure up a string of luminous tone poems, the reality of trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith's magisterial collection goes ...


RED Trio & John Butcher: Summer Skyshift

Read "Summer Skyshift" reviewed by John Sharpe

It was the release of Empire (No Business, 2011) that constituted the point at which many people first began to pay attention to the Portuguese Red Trio. That collaboration with English saxophonist John Butcher featured on several year end lists. It paved the way for a series of further alliances, documented on disc with trumpeter Nate ...


Per Gärdin/Rodrigo Pinheiro/Marco Franco/Travassos: Oblique Mirrors

Read "Oblique Mirrors" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Listening to the free improvisation recording, Oblique Mirrors brings to mind a most memorable line from the film The Usual Suspects, where Kevin Spacey as Roger “Verbal" Kint says, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone."

Maybe its the evanescent nature ...

Rita Draper Frazão: A Fine Artist's Representations Of Creative Processes In Music (Part 1)

Read "Rita Draper Frazão: A Fine Artist's Representations Of Creative Processes In Music (Part 1)" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Part 1 | Part 2

This portrait of Portuguese fine artist Rita Draper Frazão is related to the recent Carte Blanche of percussionist Hamid Drake's that took place at the Amsterdam Bimhuis (read my February 2016 review). As a collaborative follow-up this article is published together with a series of portraits Rita Draper Frazão created ...


Jazztopad 2015

Read "Jazztopad 2015" reviewed by Henning Bolte

National Music Forum
Jazztopad 2015
Wroclaw, Poland
November 21-25, 2015

The city of Wroclaw by the Odra River in the southwest of Poland has occupied a pre-eminent position throughout its long, turbulent history, and it still does. Wroclaw's Jazztopad festival is a relatively young one. This year celebrated had ...


Nobuyasu Furuya Quintet: The Major

Read "The Major" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il quintetto del sassofonista giapponese Nobuyasu Furuya è chiaramente formato da due entità distinte e distinguibili. Da una parte la sezione ritmica con il pianoforte di Rodrigo Pinheiro, un piano trio (Red Trio il suo nome) autonomo con importanti registrazioni all'attivo, nelle quali è comunque norma la presenza di un ospite di lusso. Dall'altra i due fiati solisti abituati a ...

Rodrigo Pinheiro

Read "Rodrigo Pinheiro" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

01. Nate Wooley - Paul Lytton - Creak Above 33 (PSI - 2010). Sono stato fortunato ad assistere ad un loro incredibile concerto l'anno passato a Lisbona. Comprai questo disco subito dopo. Ciò che sorprende di più nell'album sono i dettagli microscopici e sottili, l'interplay e una strana deliziosa musica dall'inizio alla fine. 02. Benoît Delbecq - Circles and ...


Red Trio + John Butcher: Empire

Read "Empire" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Empire è stato stampato solamente in formato long playing e in tiratura limitata di quattrocento copie. Una scelta coraggiosa, di nicchia, effettuata, pensiamo, con il pudore e la consapevolezza che quella proposta in Empire non è musica popolare, di facile accesso, accattivante, modaiola, una strizzatina d'occhio al grande pubblico ed una al critico militante. Niente affatto, quella proposta ...