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Bobby Zankel's Warriors Play Muhal Richard Abrams at October Revolution

Read "Bobby Zankel's Warriors Play Muhal Richard Abrams at October Revolution" reviewed by Victor L. Schermer

Bobby Zankel's Warriors Of The Wonderful Sound
Marty Ehrlich, Conductor
The Music Of Muhal Richard Abrams: Soundpath
October Revolution Festival
Christ Church Neighborhood House (Great Hall)
Philadelphia, PA
October 7, 2018

The late great pianist Muhal Richard Abrams was for many ...


Charlie Porter: Charlie Porter

Read "Charlie Porter" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Trumpeter and composer Charlie Porter exhibits his innovative spirit and his brilliant musicianship on his self-titled debut as a leader. Working with a rotating cast of Portland (Oregon) area musicians, Porter performs ten of his originals and one cover with a refreshingly unique style and captivating spontaneity.

Similar in concept to tenor saxophonist Benny ...


Mandla Mlangeni: Born to Be

Read "Mandla Mlangeni: Born to Be" reviewed by Seton Hawkins

Mandla Mlangeni has been engaged. The South African trumpeter, composer, and bandleader oversees three groups, notably the Amandla Freedom Ensemble and the Tune Recreation Committee. Additionally, his works are marked by an intense effort to explore and connect with social discourse in the country today. Indeed, from the Tune Recreation Committee's naming nod to South Africa's ...


Petra van Nuis: Lessons Lyrical

Read "Lessons Lyrical" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Chicago based vocalist Petra van Nuis and her husband guitarist Andy Brown have impeccable artistic synergy, something that is superbly demonstrated on their delightful duet album Lessons Lyrical. The 17 standards that van Nuis and Brown interpret are stripped down to their basic melodic elements and are reconstructed with such warmth and intimacy that highlight the ...


Culture Clubs: A History of the U.S. Jazz Clubs, Part I: New Orleans and Chicago

Read "Culture Clubs: A History of the U.S. Jazz Clubs, Part I: New Orleans and Chicago" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Marching bands, ragtime music, and the blues, were all well-entrenched and spreading up the Mississippi River Valley from New Orleans at the beginning of the twentieth century. Dixieland was the popular music staple and with the all-white Original Dixieland Jass Band recording the first jazz side, “Livery Stable Blues," in 1917, an original musical language was ...


Preserving the Cradle of Jazz: The New Orleans Jazz Museum

Read "Preserving the Cradle of Jazz: The New Orleans Jazz Museum" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

The New Orleans Jazz Club's beginnings, according to a 1950s edition of their bi-monthly newsletter, sprang from a sidewalk meeting of four jazz fans on Mardi Gras in 1948. The impromptu gathering intended to listen to the marching band called King Zulu's. One member of that group inspired the others to begin a club for jazz ...


Jazz Music Is Ecstatic Language

Read "Jazz Music Is Ecstatic Language" reviewed by David Arivett

Leonardo DaVinci once said, “Do you know that our souls are composed of music?" Music and religion are intimately linked, and music is one of the most powerful tools to convey religious meaning. As human beings, we have been given the gift of musical language which can help transform us from our humdrum, everyday existence, into ...


Claudio Sessa: Improvviso singolare

Read "Claudio Sessa:  Improvviso singolare" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Improvviso singolare
Claudio Sessa
143 Pagine
ISBN: 978-8862317689
Il Saggiatore
543 pp.

Claudio Sessa è uno dei più originali storici italiani dell'estetica jazzistica. Lo dimostra emblematicamente questo libro, destinato a lasciare un segno indelebile sulla letteratura jazzistica. L'autorevolezza e l'acume critico portano l'autore a scrivere pagine ...


Legends At The Landing This Week On Riverwalk Jazz

Jazz Appreciation Month brings out our appreciation for three legends of jazz as we welcome our first inductees into the Riverwalk Jazz Hall of Fame. Our Most Valued Players are trumpeter Doc Cheatham, bassist and composer Bob Haggart and vocalist Joe Williams. Adophus “Doc" Cheatham (1905-1997) was a walking encyclopedia of jazz history. He rubbed shoulders in ...


Guitarists Marty Grosz And Howard Alden This Week On Riverwalk Jazz

Guitarists Marty Grosz And Howard Alden This Week On Riverwalk Jazz

This week on Riverwalk Jazz, two contemporary giants of jazz guitar, Marty Grosz and Howard Alden, join The Jim Cullum Jazz Band for a show devoted to pioneers of jazz guitar: Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang, Carl Kress, Dick McDonough and Django Reinhardt. The program is distributed in the US by Public Radio International. You can also drop ...