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A Jazz Lover's guide to Popular Music

Read "A Jazz Lover's guide to Popular Music" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

This week we explore the cross pollination between jazz and popular music genres, like pop, rock, soul, funk and ska.

Archie Shepp playing with Whitney Houston? The jazz beginnings of Björk, Serge Gainsbourg, Sacha Distel? Ornette Coleman's and Sonny Rollins' adventures in rock-land? Lester Bowie playing ska? How Miles Davis' “So What" inspired Pee ...


Marc Ribot & The Young Philadelphians al Teatro Manzoni di Milano

Read "Marc Ribot & The Young Philadelphians al Teatro Manzoni di Milano" reviewed by Paolo Peviani

Aperitivo in Concerto
Teatro Manzoni

Esploratore come pochi altri, Marc Ribot ha attraversato i territori musicali più disparati. Dal jazz di John Zorn alla canzone d'autore di Joe Henry, dalle atmosfere quintessenzialmente newyorchesi dei Lounge Lizards alla musica cubana di Arsenio Rodriguez, gli ambiti in cui il ...


Bettye LaVette: Worthy

Read "Worthy" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Leonessa che non si stanca di ruggire (carriera ormai cinquantennale, tra sparizioni e riscoperte), Bettye LaVette si affida nuovamente alla illuminata produzione di Joe Henry per questo disco in cui personalizza in modo convincente un canzoniere molto vario.

Si apre con “Unbelievable," canzone di un tardo Bob Dylan che, immersa in una marinatura ...

Marc Ribot Trio: Live At The Village Vanguard

Read "Marc Ribot Trio: Live At The Village Vanguard" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Playing and recording at New York's Village Vanguard is often seen as a sign of ascendancy in the jazz world. For some, the honor is bestowed early on; for others, it comes at a more mature stage; and for a third group, it comes even further down the road. Guitarist Marc Ribot is part of that ...


Swingadelic: Toussaintville

Read "Toussaintville" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

It's tempting to say that the great Allen Toussaint is a musical phoenix who rose out of the ashes of a Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, but that's not really true. Toussaint wasn't reborn when his city was in ruins; people just started to wake up and take notice of him again in the wake of that tragedy. ...


Joe Henry Sings the Blues @ Largo

Joe Henry Sings the Blues @ Largo

Acclaimed alt-country singer-songwriter Joe Henry will treat his cult following to a set of blues- and jazz-infused songs from last year's album, "Blood From Stars."

The new compositions, which have increasingly incorporated classic blues structures in his playing and writing, showcase a rawer, grittier side of the Grammy-winning tunesmith's artistic personality.



Joe Henry e il "suo" jazz

Read "Joe Henry e il "suo" jazz" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Di recente acclamato all'unisono dalla stampa specializzata di mezzo mondo grazie all'album Blood from Stars, uscito a due anni dal capolavoro Civilians, Joe Henry ci parla del “suo" jazz frugando nella memoria fino ai tempi delle scuole superiori, fra vecchi dischi e soffitte polverose di pugili dalle insospettabili passioni. Vera e propria leggenda e figura di culto tanto nel mondo del ...


Joe Henry Gives His Own Tone to the Blues

Joe Henry is tapped into the American past in unexpected ways. He lives in a roomy South Pasadena Craftsman designed for President Garfield's widow, and his preferred attire, a black suit and pointy boots, suggests that the 48-year-old singer and guitarist would have been at home playing in Elvis Presley's first band. "I typically come to things ...

Allen Toussaint: The Bright Mississippi

Read "The Bright Mississippi" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

When asked about Allen Toussaint, Van Dyke Parks once said, “he's the greatest pianist alive, only no one knows it... including him." High praise from one legend to another. With The Bright Mississippi, Toussaint has finally released a jazz-oriented album. Though jazz-influences can be found on many of his rock/funk sides as well as in many ...