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Curtis Clark, Marilyn Lerner and Chad Taylor: Chasing the Piano

Read "Curtis Clark, Marilyn Lerner and Chad Taylor: Chasing the Piano" reviewed by Clifford Allen

November 15, 2010 will mark the 75th anniversary of the first recorded jazz piano-trio session, with pianist Jess Stacy, bassist Israel Crosby and drummer Gene Krupa recording for UK Parlophone ("Barrelhouse" and “The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise").

Certainly much has happened in jazz and improvised music since that date, but the piano ...


Very Early: Bill Evans 1956-58

Very Early:  Bill Evans 1956-58

In the mid-1950s pianist Bill Evans was still a relative unknown, not yet the jazz-piano giant he’d become on the strength of recordings like Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Conversations With Myself. Evans had a strong influence on post-1960s jazz pianists—an influence some have found fault with, for certainly Evans had what’s been called a ...


Eddie Costa: Guys and Dolls Love Jazz

Read "Guys and Dolls Love Jazz" reviewed by Craig Jolley

In retrospect it's hard to see how or why this record was made in the days before CD's as calling cards. Eddie Costa had little name recognition, and what fame he enjoyed was on piano, his primary instrument. The material--cute boy-meets-girl tunes written in subservience to 1950's-clever lyrics--does not lend itself to jazz interpretation. [A couple ...