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Electric Squeezebox Orchestra: The Falling Dream

Read "The Falling Dream" reviewed by Jack Bowers

No, the San Francisco-based Electric Squeezebox Orchestra does not come with accordions attached. It does, however, come with a well-developed eye for harmony and rhythm, an inflexible group dynamic and a number of perceptive soloists, all of which serve to make the ensemble's second album, The Falling Dream, a pleasure to hear.

The ...


Electric Squeezebox Orchestra: Cheap Rent

Read "Cheap Rent" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Yes, the name is intriguing--but what should one expect musically from the San Francisco-based Electric Squeezebox Orchestra? Bits and pieces of a number of disparate elements, really, from straight-ahead contemporary motifs to shuffle beats and old-line swing, from down-home New Orleans rhythms to throwback grooves from the '70s and even a seductive ballad. What matters most ...


Chris Trinidad: Chris Trinidad’s Certain Times

Read "Chris Trinidad’s Certain Times" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Bright, upbeat modern jazz from bassist/composer Chris Trinidad and his quartet. The Filipino-Canadian leader (now residing in the Bay Area) set out to make groove-oriented music; he structured the tunes with few chords (to give the soloists more freedom), and chose a low woodwind sound to occasionally double his bass riffs. The choice of instrumentation has ...


Outhead: Send this Sound to the King

Read "Send this Sound to the King" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Un ensemble senz'altro effervescente, vitale, questo quartetto con doppio sax attivo nella Bay Area di San Francisco le cui voci-guida sono Alex Weiss e Charlie Gurke, che oltre tutto si dividono equamente la paternità dei brani presenti nel disco: tre a testa (il settimo, “A Made Truth," peraltro il più debole del lotto, si deve al ...