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Bill Frisell: Hurricane Harvey Relief: A Compilation From His Live Download Series

Read "Bill Frisell: Hurricane Harvey Relief: A Compilation From His Live Download Series" reviewed by John Kelman

Bill Frisell
Hurricane Harvey Relief: A Compilation From His Live Download Series

Many musicians may use their celebrity to speak out about issues that matter to them, but only a relatively precious few are actually prepared to put the time, effort and money where their mouths are, creating contexts ...


Bill Frisell: Live Download Series #1-13

Read "Bill Frisell: Live Download Series #1-13" reviewed by John Kelman

DS#001-013 | DS#014-017

One of the biggest problems facing contemporary jazz musicians is that they often have far more projects on the go than could ever be recorded and released commercially by conventional record labels--even small and relatively responsive indie labels. Special projects abound, or personnel changes for a tour are forced when members of ...


Floratone (Frisell / Chamberlain / Townsend / Martine): Floratone II

Read "Floratone II" reviewed by John Kelman

Plenty of artists treat their music as egalitarian, but some projects are more collaborative than others. Guitarist Bill Frisell has long considered his work to be about the greater whole, going so far as to credit the arrangements on Sign of Life (Savoy, 2011), as “(on the spot and subject to change) by Bill Frisell, Eyvind ...


Viktor Krauss - Far from Enough (2004)

By Tom Johnson I spent most of the morning flipping between one disc and the next, restless for something that actually fit my mood. I just didn't want to, you know, as they say, deal and nothing particularly appealed to me. On days like this, I tend to gather up a pretty disparate grouping of artists to accompany ...

Bob Dylan: The Bard Of Jazz

Read "Bob Dylan: The Bard Of Jazz" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Jazz and rock audiences, at their core, often expect two very different things when they attend a live performance. Jazz audiences thrive on the journey and in-the-moment magic that's created as a one-time-only occurrence, through a partially improvised art. Rock audiences, by and large, prefer to hear it like it sounds on the record. Jazz artists ...


Nonesuch Records Releases Bill Frisell's "Disfarmer"

Nonesuch Records Releases Bill Frisell's "Disfarmer"

Set inspired by life of Arkansas portrait photographer Mike Disfarmer "Frisell remains the only six-string poet of his generation." --New Yorker Nonesuch Records releases Grammy Award–winning guitarist, composer, and bandleader Bill Frisell’s new album, Disfarmer, on July 21, 2009. The original compositions on the album were inspired by the life and works of an unusual Arkansas photographer named ...


Viktor Krauss: II

Read "II" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Thanks to his dexterity and vision on multiple stringed instruments, Krauss is kind of a musical everyman who has recorded and performed with Bill Frisell and Lyle Lovett (both of whom appear on II) plus Chet Atkins, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and The Chieftains. His solo debut, Far From Enough (Nonesuch, 2004), made it up to ...