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Bruce Lindsay's Favorite Albums Of 2014

Read "Bruce Lindsay's Favorite Albums Of 2014" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Christmas Comes But Once A Year, And When It Does It Brings... Lists. Lots of lists. Here's another.

A quick glance at this particular list makes it clear that this has been, for me, a singers' year. Let me make it clear from the off--this isn't my list of the best vocal albums I've ...


Tammy Payne: Viva Outsider

Read "Viva Outsider" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Viva Outsider is Tammy Payne's first album under her own name: original songs that mix blues, folk, jazz and soul influences together to create a stunning collection.

Payne emerged in the early '90s, recording a superb cover of Deniece Williams' “Free" and the dance hit “Take Me Now." She's recorded sporadically since then, with bands ...


Tamco: Don't Think Twice

Read "Don't Think Twice" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Se amate quel terreno tipicamente british, dove soul, post rock e jazz si fondono alimentandosi l'un l'altro, non perdetevi questo disco, accolto dalla stampa d'oltremanica con giudizi superlativi. Il nome più noto (si fa per dire) è quello della cantante Tammy Payne che opera dai primi anni novanta nell'underground musicale di Bristol come alcuni dei colleghi di questo gruppo. Nel ...