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Listeners' Favorites

Read "Listeners' Favorites" reviewed by Marc Cohn

Every tenth show, we go through Mixcloud messages, emails, phone calls and 'stopped me on the street' comments to compile a list of tunes that grabbed you. Dr. Jazz offers some of the many selections that resonated with you from Shows 331 to 340. This is not just about the tracks that get the 'most votes,' ...


Blue Note 50th Anniversaries: September 1968

Read "Blue Note 50th Anniversaries: September 1968" reviewed by Marc Cohn

This week we celebrate Blue Note sessions that are 50 years old this month by Lee Morgan, Elvin Jones, Duke Pearson, Eddie Gale, Jack Wilson & The 3 Sounds.

But we start with two tracks from trombonist, vocalist and Baton Rouge native David L. Harris who appeared at Chorum Hall in Baton Rouge on ...

Introducing the Three Sounds – Blue Note 1600

Read "Introducing the Three Sounds – Blue Note 1600" reviewed by Marc Davis

This is the moment I've been looking forward to, and dreading. The Three Sounds. A piano trio I've heard of, but never heard. And what I'd heard about them wasn't entirely nice. I was sure I would hate them, but still I was very curious.

The Three Sounds. Here's a band that was intensely ...