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Sara Gazarek: Thirsty Ghost

Read "Thirsty Ghost" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Sara Gazarek has been working as a professional jazz singer since 2004. You can find plenty of vintage YouTube clips of her singing Great American Songbook material in a breezy, polished manner. A few years ago, things began to happen in her life. There was near-death tragedy in her family, her marriage fell apart and she ...


Stu Mindeman: Woven Threads

Read "Woven Threads" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

"Wowen Threads" è una metafora per intrecciare cose diverse in un'unica dimensione. Lo considero un lavoro molto intimo in quanto lega le mie esperienze di musicista jazz nord americano con quanto ho appreso lavorando in Sud America, specialmente in Cile."
Con queste parole Stu Mindeman presenta quest'album registrato sia in Cile con musicisti locali ...


Stu Mindeman and trio explore a Chick Corea classic at the Chicago Jazz Festival

Read "Stu Mindeman and trio explore a Chick Corea classic at the Chicago Jazz Festival" reviewed by Corey Hall

When reflecting on his 1968 recording Now He Sings, Now He Sobs, Chick Corea shared the following with jazz journalist Don Heckman:

“The title...comes from I Ching, an ancient Chinese book that I was into in the '60s when I was studying different philosophies and religions. It's also known as the Book of Changes. ...


Kurt Elling: The Questions

Read "The Questions" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

How does one grapple with existence and its juxtaposition against the present state of affairs? That's the question that hangs heaviest over The Questions. While vocalist Kurt Elling didn't come into this production with a theme in mind, he discovered a through line in the act of wrestling with difficulties and dreams in this age of ...


Andrew Vogt: For Free

Read "For Free" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Bassist Andrew Vogt's engaging EP, the entirely improvised For Free, serves as a teaser for two of his upcoming 2017 recordings. The tracks on For Free are from the same sessions that resulted in the above mentioned The AV Club and Awakening, but they are not included on either of them.

The spontaneously created ...


Hans Luchs: Time Never Pauses

Read "Time Never Pauses" reviewed by Budd Kopman

While it does not scream downtown, avant-garde, uber originality, guitarist Hans Luchs debut recording, Time Never Pauses, is far from a vanilla, “jazz as style" offering, and, in fact has much going for it.

For one thing, his band, consisting of drummer George Fludas, bassist Clark Sommers, pianist Stu Mindeman and Shaun Johnson on ...


Hans Luchs: Time Never Pauses

Read "Time Never Pauses" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Chicago-based guitarist Hans Luchs draws more from the recent than far past. More John Abercrombie and John Scofield than Wes Montgomery or Grant Green. His debut recording Time Never Pauses is a collection of eight original compositions and two transformed standards reveals the continued refining of modern jazz composition well past the head-solo section-head style of ...


Hans Luchs: Time Never Pauses

Read "Time Never Pauses" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Not much can be said about Hans Luchs aside from the fact that he lives in Chicago, looks to be fairly young and plays an intense, assertive and agile guitar on Time Never Pauses, which, incidentally, is Luchs' recorded debut as leader of his own group. Luchs is also a writer who composed eight of the ...


Juan Pastor: Chinchano

Read "Chinchano" reviewed by Ben Scholz

jny: Chicago based drummer/percussionist/composer Juan Pastor's latest release Chinchano represents a successful fusion of traditional latin rhythms, and modern jazz sensibilities. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Pastor made his way to Chicago after studying at DePaul University. Featuring equal amounts of cajon, drum set, and other percussion items, Chinchano briskly covers a range of latin ...