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John Butcher

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In the Building a Jazz Library article on Evan Parker, it says that seasoned Parker followers would describe him as the finest improvising saxophonist of his generation. Curiously, many of those same people would use exactly that phrase about John Butcher. The simple explanation for this apparent contradiction is that we are talking about two generations; ...


Punkt Festival 2014

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Punkt Festival
Kristiansand, Norway
September, 4-6, 2014

Kristiansand, home of the Annual Punkt Festival for the past decade, is a municipality situated on the southernmost point of Norway at the Skagerrag strait. It has a population of 86,000 (the greater urban area, 155,000) and is the county capital of Vest- Agder.


Martin Brandlmayr

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Area Sismica - Forlì - 2.12.2012 Martin Brandlmayr è uno dei nomi “trendy" dell'attuale scena sperimentale ai confini fra rock, elettronica e improvvisazione. È membro fondatore e principale mente compositiva dei Radian, trio stanziato a Vienna emerso alla fine degli anni '90 con un suono scarno, elettronico e basato su una pulsazione ritmica minimale e matematica, influenzato tanto dal post-rock strumentale quanto ...