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Announcing 'The Innocence Of Spring' By Don Aliquo + Michael Jefry Stevens Live At Hinton Hall On The Arc Label

Announcing 'The Innocence Of Spring' By Don Aliquo + Michael Jefry Stevens Live At Hinton Hall On The Arc Label

Announcing The Innocence Of Spring By Don Aliquo + Michael Jefry Stevens Live At Hinton Hall on the ARC Label. Recorded live at Middle Tennessee State University’s Hinton Hall, the release of The Innocence Of Spring (ARC-0736) brings together two veterans of the US jazz scene in saxophonist Don Aliquo and pianist Michael Jefry Stevens. In a ...


Debut Recording 'The Poet Is In The House' By Michael Jefry Stevens And The Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble On The ARC Label

Debut Recording 'The Poet Is In The House' By Michael Jefry Stevens And The Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble On The ARC Label

The debut recording of The Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble is titled The Poet is in the House (ARC-0774) and features the following musicians: Christian Howes, Candace English, Anya Yarbrough Brigid Hopkins, Bill Berg, Jason DeCristofaro, Doran Heck, Frank Southecorvo, Jason Moore, Charles Elliot, Katie Cilluffo, Justice Mann, Michael Jefry Stevens, Bill Fouty, and Danny Iannucci. The Mountain Chamber ...


Michael Jefry Stevens: Red's Blues

Read "Red's Blues" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Il dinamismo culturale di Michael Jefry Stevens ci ha abituati a progetti diversi, dal free-jazz al mainstream senza soluzione di continuità. Il musicista statunitense ha elevato a regola un principio aureo del jazz: la capacità di trasformazione della propria cifra espressiva, per rivelare di continuo nuove sfaccettature stilistiche.

In questo CD live ...


Michael Jefry Stevens: Live at Streamside

Read "Live at Streamside" reviewed by Maurizio Zerbo

Ecco un grande CD regalatoci da un artista riservato, meritevole di ben altre attenzioni mediatiche. È un concentrato di buon gusto e passione, con pregevoli interventi solistici, sempre lineari e cantabili. A differenza di altri colleghi di livello, Michael Jefry Stevens guarda solo alle ragioni del cuore, per realizzare album all'insegna della poetica progettualità. Oltre alla ...


Michael Jefry Stevens

I was born in New York City in 1951 and received my MA in Music from Queens College in 1992 where I studied with Jimmy Heath, Sir Roland Hanna, Thea Musgrave, Sol Berkowitz and Donald Byrd. I was the Margaret Lee Crofts Fellow at "The MacDowell Colony" in the summer of 2000 and received 2nd prize in the Monaco International Jazz Composition. In 2006 I was a Composer Fellow at Centrum Arts in Port Townsend, WA. I am a "Steinway Artist". I have been and continue to be an active pianist/composer and band leader for the past 40 years. I have released over 90 cds of my original music on numerous jazz record labels including Leo Records (England), Drimala Records (VA), Soul Note Records (Italy), Konnex Records Germany), Music and Arts (CA), Cadence Records (NY), Red Toucan Records (Canada), GM Recordings (MA) 482 Music (NY), Unit Records (Switzerland), Nottwo Records (Poland), Cadence Jazz (USA), Playscape recordings, ForTune Records (Poland), Artist's Recording Collective (USA) and several other labels


AA.VV.: Povezave / Connessioni

Read "Povezave / Connessioni" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Povezave / Connessioni


* * * ½


Saxofour: Jast a Closer Walk With Thee; Sheila Jordan & Cameron Brown: Confirmation; Karlheinz “Carlitos" Miklin & Quinteto Argentina: Palomar; The Fonda/Stevens Group: A Summer's Morning; Dennis Gonzalez & Joao Paulo: Theme from Pradis; Disorder at the Border: Faithful; ...


John Sharpe's Best Releases Of 2016

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Here are ten new releases, reviewed at All About Jazz, which stood out among those I heard this year.

Wadada Leo Smith
America's National Parks
(Cuneiform Records)

While the title might conjure up a string of luminous tone poems, the reality of trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith's magisterial collection goes ...


Budd Kopman's Best Releases of 2016

Read "Budd Kopman's Best Releases of 2016" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Of the seventy or so albums I was fortunate to review this year (with many still waiting in the wings), the releases below (in chronological order) are those that moved me the most and hence that I remember the clearest, even after a year. The quality of the music is uniformly high, and leaving something off ...


Poker di Michael Jefry Stevens

Read "Poker di Michael Jefry Stevens" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Il pianista, compositore, teorico e didatta Michael Jefry Stevens ha impresso il proprio significativo contributo al jazz contemporaneo attraverso un lavoro che dura da circa quarant'anni, associato a un ampio ventaglio di musicisti e a formazioni di grande interesse, tra cui Mosaic Sextet e Liquid Time con Dave Douglas, The Fonda/Stevens Group con Joe Fonda, Conference ...


Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda with Natsuki Tamura: Duet

Read "Duet" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Two of creative music's most inventive forces come together on Duet. Musical restiveness is at the core of pianist/accordionist and composer Satoko Fujii. With a catalogue three-score deep, she has covered formations from large orchestra to solo where the common denominator is her wide and daring exploration of improvisational spaces. Her adroit aptitude for moving through--and ...