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Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter: Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter

Read "Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

This uncompromising set of free improvisation challenges the very basic concepts of what music is. As seminal improvising guitarist Henry Kaiser writes in his illuminating liner notes: “forget about melody, harmony and rhythm for the moment and listen to everything else that you can hear going on." And there is much going on ...


Marc Edwards / Weasel Walter Group: Blood Of The Earth

Read "Blood Of The Earth" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Double drummer-led free jazz sessions come with a price, and both aural and contemplative muscles need to be flexed. With Blood Of The Earth, from drummers Marc Edwards and Weasel Walter, the challenges for immersion in a sonic concentration of spontaneity and stamina. But this is not your father's retread of John Coltrane's Ascension (Impulse!, 1965). ...


Weasel Walter / Henry Kaiser / Damon Smith: Plane Crash

Read "Plane Crash" reviewed by Martin Longley

Power trio or acoustic sensitives? This album shuffles both manifestations and mostly decides to alternate the settings, allowing torn ears some peace following each eruptive onslaught. Surely this must be guitarist Henry Kaiser's most extreme recording, in terms of decibel achievement? His rabid emissions build a wall of Black Metal doom-chundering, a pinnacle of sludge detrimetalism. ...


Marc Edwards / Weasel Walter Group: Mysteries Beneath The Planet

Read "Mysteries Beneath The Planet" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Led by avant, free-jazz drummers Marc Edwards and Weasel Walter, this ensemble pushes the envelope via a nuclear-like aerial assault that in some instances might signify a caricature of vintage, high-octane Albert Ayler fare. Nonetheless, the dual drumming attack serves as the foundation for the hornists' soaring lines, teeming with angst and a spiritual cleansing type ...


Raging Free Jazz Drummer Weasel Walter Upcoming Live Tour Dates in U.S. and Europe

Raging Free Jazz Drummer Weasel Walter Upcoming Live Tour Dates in U.S. and Europe

Hyperactive free jazz drummer Weasel Walter will be spreading his intense style of spontaneous musical interaction in many venues across the U.S. and Europe this spring in the company of many notable improvisers like Evan Parker, Peter Evans, Mary Halvorson and Marco Eneidi. His upcoming release out March 15, 2009 is a trio record with West ...


The Toy Killers: The Unlistenable Years

Read "The Unlistenable Years" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Thomas Jefferson once said, “Every generation needs a new revolution." Indeed it does. As it may be up to you to put an end to the proliferation of American Idol/High School Musical idiots, lessons of history might just serve you well. As such, The Unlistenable Years, containing found music by the duo Charles K. Noyes and ...


The Flying Luttenbachers: Trauma

Read "Trauma" reviewed by Clifford Allen

Trauma originally came out in 2001 as a double LP set on drummer Weasel Walter's ugExplode label. Named as an obscure homage to a founding member, multi-instrumentalist Hal Russell, the Flying Luttenbachers recorded sixteen albums in as many years of existence (ceasing in 2007). Though initiated by Walter and Russell, the group was always Walter's 'baby/chief ...


Weasel Walter May 2008 East Coast Dates and New Releases

Weasel Walter May 2008 East Coast Dates and New Releases

Iconoclastic West Coast drummer Weasel Walter will play a string of East Coast dates to coincide with several new releases on his own ugEXPLODE label. Perhaps best known for leading the long-running punk-jazz/no wave/brutal prog group The Flying Luttenbachers, Walter has gained a reputation as a young drummer of considerable intensity and sensitivity. Released on April ...


Weasel Walter Quartet: Revolt Music

Read "Revolt Music" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

The title of this album could also sound something like the soundtrack for a toppled government. It's musical anarchy and upheaval, thanks to free-jazz drummer Weasel Walter's relentless pursuit of artistic expressionism. With alternating line-ups, recorded at a studio and venues on the West Coast, this album is about pounding bass lines, punishing rhythmic exercises, wailing ...


Weasel Walter/Damon Smith East Coast Tour

Infamous punk-jazz drummer Weasel Walter (known for his work with the Flying Luttenbachers) and firebrand bassist Damon Smith will be doing a series of dates in New York and Philedelphia to promote their CD release “Revolt Music" by the Weasel Walter Quartet. The music of the quartet is solidly grounded in the fire and firmament of ...


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