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Get the Blessing Live at BIMHUIS Amsterdam

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Get the Blessing can be placed among a number of bands innovating British jazz with contemporary rock, dance and hip-hop influences, like Portico Quartet, BadBadNotGood and GoGo Penguin. The infectious beats of this Bristol-based foursome come from bassist Jim Barr and drummer Clive Deamer, rhythm section of the legendary trip-hop act Portishead. Deamer is also live ...


Brilliant Corners 2019

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Brilliant Corners 2019
The Black Box/Sonic Lab
jny:Belfast, N. Ireland
March 2-9, 2019

For many years the words brilliant, jazz and Belfast rarely appeared in the same sentence. That all changed in 2013 when music promoters Moving On Music launched Brilliant Corners, subtitled A Festival of Jazz in Belfast. Since then, ...


Alfa Jazz Fest 2017

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Alfa Jazz Fest 2017
Lviv, Ukraine
June 23-27, 2017

Jazz festivals are different in Europe. There are more of them, and they are crucial to the economic viability, social solidarity and creative evolution of the jazz art form. Many European towns that host their own annual jazz events seem like ...


Eyebrow: Garden City

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Mention the idea of the “garden city" to the good people of Britain and the likeliest (polite) response will be “Welwyn" or perhaps “Letchworth." Bristol, home to Eyebrow, isn't such a settlement but Garden City is the name the duo has given to its fourth album release.

Pete Judge and Paul Wigens formed Eyebrow ...


Tammy Payne: Viva Outsider

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Viva Outsider is Tammy Payne's first album under her own name: original songs that mix blues, folk, jazz and soul influences together to create a stunning collection.

Payne emerged in the early '90s, recording a superb cover of Deniece Williams' “Free" and the dance hit “Take Me Now." She's recorded sporadically since then, with bands ...


Eyot: Similarity

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Atmosphere. That oft-indefinable feel that music can have, the creation of a mood or a sensation that inveigles itself into a listener's mind and captures the imagination. It's not melody, harmony or rhythm but it needs all three. Eyot--a four-piece from Serbia--has a great line in atmosphere, ably demonstrated on the band's third album, Similarity.


Busnoys: Weaving The Spell

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Sometimes the world is easy to understand. Mostly, it's a puzzle. Take magic, for example--how does that work? Ask Busnoys, a vibes/bass guitar/drums trio from Bristol in England's West Country. The band seems to have at least some insight into the workings of magic. Its third album, Weaving The Spell, is full of relaxed, spacious, charms ...


Get The Blessing: OCDC

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OCDC è il classico album che farà irritare i puristi. E i Get the Blessing, quartetto di Bristol qui alla loro terza prova discografica, si capisce subito che si divertono un mondo a sovvertire le regole del mainstream con un jazz iperitmico, venato di rock e trascinato dalle tipiche e melodiche evoluzioni dei fiati - tromba e sassofoni - ...