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Take Five with David Hall

Read "Take Five with David Hall" reviewed by David Hall

About David Hall

David Hall is a jazz teacher and performer with a background in classical music. He studied at the University of Cambridge and the Royal Academy of Music. David worked as a musician in cathedrals before finding his calling in education. He is now the musical director of piano courses at Finchcocks ...


Unreleased Art: Volume 9 - Art Pepper & Warne Marsh At Donte's, April 26, 1974

Read "Unreleased Art: Volume 9 - Art Pepper & Warne Marsh At Donte's, April 26, 1974" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

When any previously unheard Art Pepper is released, the event bears a bit of context. Laurie Pepper's Volume 9 addition to her Unreleased Art series is the 3-CD box Art Pepper & Warne Marsh at Donte's April 26, 1974. It contains music from late in Pepper's fallow period between the releases of Intensity (Contemporary, 1960) and ...


Ali Ryerson Jazz Flute Big Band: Game Changer

Read "Game Changer" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Yes, the idea seems rather implausible: a big band comprised of sixteen flutes and rhythm. Flutist Ali Ryerson is the catalyst and guiding hand behind the Jazz Flute Big Band (JFBB), which was formed in 2005 and has been performing at various events across the country ever since. Before dismissing it out of hand, give the ...


Part 5: What Jazz Musicians Expect from Music Journalists and Critics

Part five of our ongoing dialogues with musicians where we ask the burning question: When you read music journalism and criticism what qualities are you looking for in the writer and the writing? This time we hear from trumpeter-bandleader-educator Sean Jones, a busy man these days what with his teaching assignments at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, his artistic ...


NARAS Messed with the Wrong Latin Jazz Artists...

What started as a plan to simplify the Grammys is now getting really, really complicated. On Tuesday, a group of Latin Jazz artists decided to sue NARAS in New York Supreme Court, a move that follows months of frustration. The suit, filed by artists Bobby Sanabria, Ben Lapidus, Mark Levine and Eugene Marlow, alleges that the ...


Letters to Naras: Mark Levine Returns His Grammy Nominations

Letters to Naras: Mark Levine Returns His Grammy Nominations

On Wednesday April 6th, The National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences announced a “restructuring" of The Grammy Awards, a move that included the elimination of the Latin Jazz Grammy. This unfortunate decision undermines the integrity of Latin Jazz and disregards its importance as a major piece of the cultural landscape in the United States. I ...


Mark Weinstein: Timbasa

Read "Timbasa" reviewed by Paul J. Youngman

What do you want from your Latin jazz album? Great musicianship? Authentic music? Danceable? Must it have great rhythm, catchy tunes and present the best in Latin percussion? Mark Weinstein is a name not immediately associated with the best of Latin jazz, but he has done it again with Timbasa, a fantastic recording and his fifth ...


Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchesta / Vaughn Wiester / Chie Imaizumi

Read "Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchesta / Vaughn Wiester / Chie Imaizumi" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Buselli--Wallarab Jazz Orchestra


Owl Studios


After veering slightly off-course recently with several albums devoted in part to backing singers, the outstanding Indianapolis-based Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra is back in a more pleasing instrumental groove on Mezzanine, profiling the compositions and arrangements of co-leader / trombonist Brent Wallarab. The first ...

Take Five with Julian Waterfall Pollack

Read "Take Five with Julian Waterfall Pollack" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Julian Waterfall Pollack:

At the age of twenty-one, New York pianist Julian Waterfall Pollack has the jazz community abuzz with his mature, technically ferocious, and dynamic piano playing. Among his many accomplishments, Pollack was featured on Marian McPartland's renowned NPR show, Piano Jazz, at age eighteen.

He has performed internationally ...


Mark Levine and the Latin Tinge: Off & On The Music of Moacir Santos

Read "Off & On The Music of Moacir Santos" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

If a record could be like a comet streaking across the musical stratosphere, then Mark Levine's Off & On: The Music of Moacir Santos would be just that. Moreover, in personifying this album like comets are given names, this one would be named after comet Kohoutek because it is a rare gem of a record.