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VEIN: VEIN plays Ravel

Read "VEIN plays Ravel" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), the classical French composer/arranger, was an early embracer of jazz. He included elements of the then new music into some of his own later compositions. Jazz has--since the 1940s, initially under the guise of what became called the Third Stream, pioneered in part by Gunther Schuller--often married classical stylings with the quintessentially American ...

VEIN featuring Dave Liebman - Jazz Talks

Read "VEIN featuring Dave Liebman - Jazz Talks" reviewed by Phil Barnes

This collection documents the first studio recording of Swiss trio VEIN with American saxophonist Dave Liebman over a single afternoon in Basel. VEIN had approached Liebman, perhaps best known for his Saxophone Summit recordings with Joe Lovano and Ravi Coltrane, as far back as 2009 seeing in him a like minded spirit perfectly at ease with ...

Vote For Vein: Three People Can't Be Wrong!

Read "Vote For Vein: Three People Can't Be Wrong!" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Working in a piano trio these days, it's really quite hard to stand out with so many amazing players in the piano trio biz. Think about it. You have to compete with The Bad Plus, Satoko Fujii, Keith Jarrett, The Dawn of Midi, Vijay Iyer, Marcus Roberts, and a zillion other innovative and talented musicians using ...


Vein: Plays Porgy & Bess

Read "Plays Porgy & Bess" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Benchè di solida formazione classica, i musicisti che formano il trio Vein rileggono Gershwin con una buona dose di irriverenza. Affrontando compositori di riferimento si rischia di cadere nel fatuo manierismo, ma dall'iniziale “Overture" si capisce chiaramente che non è così per i Vein. L'abilità tecnica è posta al servizio di un felice interplay finalizzato ad un flusso ...