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Paul Plimley, Evan Parker & Denis Fournier

Read "Paul Plimley, Evan Parker & Denis Fournier" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

This show marks the one-year anniversary of publishing One Man's Jazz on All About Jazz's radio section, and we're taking a decided dip into the “deep end" of the improvisation pool. There's lots of avant-garde, experimental, free form, free improv on the bill. Is it “noise," is it the future? That's for the listener to decide, ...


Out Music from Aut Records

Read "Out Music from Aut Records" reviewed by Maurice Hogue

The independent record label, Aut, was started by Italian saxophonist Davide Lorenzon and when he moved to Berlin, Aut followed. This week we focus on music from some recent releases in the Aut catalogue, including Echo Chamber, a trio with Lorenzon. You'll also hear new releases from Portuguese trumpet player Gonçalo Marques, Slovenian saxophonist Cene Resnik ...


Hanam Quintet: Feat. Tristan Honsinger

Read "Feat. Tristan Honsinger" reviewed by Vic Albani

Dice: “Ma, mi raccomando, vai a vederli dal vivo perché solo dal vivo puoi comprenderne la bravura, la grandezza, la classe, l'interplay... ." Va bene. E allora uno va a “vederli" e torna a casa pensando “sì, è vero, dal vivo sono davvero incredibili. Solo in questo modo puoi apprezzarne lo spessore" e via di conserva... ...