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Houry Dora Apartian: Anticipation

Read "Anticipation" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Vocalist Houry Dora Apartian has a rich, honeyed voice and a polished delivery. On her third release as a leader, the charming Anticipation, Apartian fronts a sophisticated group of talented instrumentalists who share her musical vision. Apartian and pianist Oliver Friedli contributed the album's eight originals that, together with a cover of the Rogers and Hammerstein ...

Swiss Jazz Orchestra: Sincerely Yours

Read "Swiss Jazz Orchestra: Sincerely Yours" reviewed by Jack Bowers

The world-class Swiss Jazz Orchestra produced the 2-CD set Sincerely Yours to mark its tenth anniversary in 2013. As is the SJO's custom, the nineteen tracks were taped during a series of stellar concert performances spanning those years, showcasing the orchestra's excellence as a unit and its roster of impressive soloists performing compositions and arrangements by ...


Roman Tulei Trio: Inspiration

Read "Inspiration" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Inspiration è il nuovo album del Roman Tulei Tri in cui il pianista svizzero, con la complicità del batterista Tobias Friedli e del contrabbassista Lorenz Beyeler affronta nove composizioni originali piuttosto diversificate, che vanno dalla solare “City of Searches" agli up-tempo “E-Atmosphere" e “Mr. Johns" e all'intimismo di “Requiem" in cui Tule crea un'atmosfera spirituale e ...


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