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Milder - Ljungkvist - Landæus - Augustson - Rundqvist: The Music Of Anders Garstedt

Read "The Music Of Anders Garstedt" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Non era il debole sole del Nord ad animare la musica di Anders Garstedt ma un coinvolgimento nel modern mainstream anni cinquanta, sia statunitense che europeo. Parliamo al passato perchè il trombettista svedese è scomparso a soli trentun anni nel 2000. Era nato a Karlstad la città prospicente il lago Vänern e dopo aver studiato il ...


Bastet: Freedom is a State of Mind

Read "Freedom is a State of Mind" reviewed by Dave Wayne

The tough thing to do with a jazz trio of any kind is to make an impression. There are lots of trios out there--economically it's the best configuration if one wants to take home a little cash from the gig--and a lot of them are good. A few are great. Nearly all of them are more-than-competent, ...


Nils Davidsen: Noget at glæde sig til: Solo Outburst In Various Frames Part I

Read "Noget at glæde sig til: Solo Outburst In Various Frames Part I" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Now and then a heavy instrument with low and deep resonance can sound very light; now and then a series of freely combined tones can nonetheless have a strong melodic feel; and now and then very mobile playing can sound tranquil. The double bass is a heavy, low register instrument, but in the hands of some ...


Tim Berne’s Snakeoil al Bologna Jazz Festival

Read "Tim Berne’s Snakeoil al Bologna Jazz Festival" reviewed by Libero Farnè

Tim Berne's Snakeoil
Torrione Jazz Club
Bologna Jazz Festival

Ogni grande musicista in età matura non può che ripetere se stesso, ribadendo le originali forme espressive maturate in decenni; c'è però chi si adagia su una routine autocelebrativa, e rassicurante per le orecchie dei fan, e chi ...