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Goce Stevkovski Septet: Homage to a Dreamer

Read "Homage to a Dreamer" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

In the raft of drummer-led records, many of those lack strong identity. Not this one. As a commanding drummer and compelling composer, drummer Goce Stevkovski stands above the fray. This ubiquitous drummer who is known for his affiliations with various acts to whom he has lent his dynamic yet sensitive groove, bands such as Project Zlust, ...


Goce Stevkovski Septet: 7 Stories

Read "Goce Stevkovski Septet: 7 Stories" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

It seems that number seven is a universally accepted lucky or holy number in most cultures from west to east. And there appear to be many places where the number seven can be found, including the seven wonders of the world, the seven seas, the seven virtues and the seven colors of the spectrum; add to ...