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The Jason Klobnak Quartet/Quintet: Friends & Family

Read "Friends & Family" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Trumpeter/composer Jason Klobnak is one of those artists who creeps up on you. His debut recording, Mountain, Move (Self Produced, 2013), inauspiciously crossed my desk on its way beneath the laser, where it impressed me as just progressive enough to be interesting, but not so much to be a turn off. Klobnak takes the classic Miles ...

Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra: Invitation

Read "Invitation" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Here's how to make sure a five-star big-band album receives a four-star review: assemble a group of the finest musicians within a stone's throw or two of the chosen locale, place them in a recording studio, hand them superlative charts to read --then add vocals. In this case three of same, pretty much undermining what is ...

Eric Erhardt: A Better Fate

Read "A Better Fate" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Unlike a lot of jazz artists hawking a debut recording these days, reed/woodwind multi-instrumentalist Eric Erhardt is not fresh out of music school. He has been around for a while, playing for two decades in Broadway pit bands and with trad jazzers Ken Peplowski and Artie Shaw. A student of Dave Liebman, Erhardt's own musical interests ...

Eric Erhardt: A Better Fate

Read "A Better Fate" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

A Better Fate è l'album d'esordio per Eric Erhardt, musicista e compositore che in questa prova mette in gioco, con risultati alterni, sia la sua capacità di scrittura, in otto brani originali stilisticamente ben assortiti, che la propria rimarchevole padronanza strumentale al tenore, clarinetto e flauto. Il leader è affiancato da musicisti duttili, in grado di adattare ...