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What’s In A Name: Cuneiform

What’s In A Name: Cuneiform

Curious about the name of a small, imaginative jazz record company called Cuneiform, I asked Joyce Feigenbaum, the company’s publicist, who is married to the owner, how the label’s name came about. This is her reply: I’m actually an art historian by academic training (B.A. & M.A.), not an archeologist, a modernist. BUT I’m not the one who ...


Ed Palermo: Not Only In It For The Money

Read "Ed Palermo: Not Only In It For The Money" reviewed by Duncan Heining

It's been twenty years since saxophonist-composer-arranger Ed Palermo and his Big Band began playing the music of Frank Zappa. Twenty years, not a lot of bread but a whole lot of love from fans and musicians alike. Oh No! Not Jazz!! on Cuneiform Records marks the band's fourth Zappa album and the third for that remarkable ...

Taking stock, a year half over

Read "Taking stock, a year half over" reviewed by Mark Corroto

This month, at the halfway point in the year of music, we are taking stock, and there have been so many great discs released. Here is my list (in no particular order) of the best albums so far. I predict many of these will make final top ten 2013 lists. Sorry, I couldn't keep my list ...