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Vic Dillahay

Vic Dillahay is a Colorado-based jazz guitarist, composer, and educator. He is best known as a founding member of the world fusion trio Graphite Addiction. A restless musical explorer, Dillahay has also played with a number of other groups including Celtic rockers Indigent Row, the acoustic folk ensemble Aspen Street, and the traditional swing group The Pete and Vic Duo. He founded the Curious Automata record label in 2013. Vic’s recent solo albums explore the rich history of American music with free-roving jazz and rock-tinged improvisations.

Graphite Addiction

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2007
Track listing: Chasing the Mantra; Mr. Phatpants; A Simple Wish; Told You Once for the Second Time; Number 42

Unexplained Noises

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2019
Track listing: Minor Apocalypses; Late Snow; Panoramic Noodles; Here There Be Titles; All The Cues; An Excess Of Gain; Jon's Forgotten D Minor; Ends Are Beginnings Elsewhere; The Math Is Simple But The Numbers Are Hard; Eventual Disintegration


Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2019
Track listing: Jayhawker; River's Edge; Foote Lagoon; East Fourth; West Fourth; Squirrel Park; Other Streets; The Lonely Lord of Sciuridae; Almost a Town; Crossings; Good Things Grow; Somewhere We Called Home

We Were

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2018
Track listing: Danielle Marie; UFS; Your Girl; The Lies We Tell Ourselves; The One Nice Weekend in September; Dance of the Small Kitchen; Somewhere She Still Is; Losing North; In Fort Collins; Replaced; Faux Us; Old Dog; The Song I Need to Hear; Against Silence

Initial Convergence

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2017
Track listing: While Wondering Aloud: Other Occasions, Part 1; While Avoiding Surety: Other Occasions, Part 2; When Questioning Steps: Other Occasions, Part 3; For Pondering Lyrically: Other Occasions, Part 4; For Almost Dancing: Other Occasions, Part 5; Van Tassell; Three Things Twice: Well-Clothed for the Wilderness, Part 1; Every Last Thing: Well-Clothed for the Wilderness, Part 2; Misunderstood Benches: Near Windows, Part 1; Somewhere Sonny Sings: Near Windows, Part 2; Branches and Curves: Near Windows, Part 3; The Chaff Can Catch the Light


Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2017
Track listing: Sifferson; Benny the Beaver; Scalero; 30 and Counting; She Wants to Forget; Why? Oming.; T-Rex Takes a Nap; Keep it Green; Triptamichigan; Dachshund Dementia

The Blue Dog

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2017
Track listing: Just One; F.O.U.; Francine; That Was Nice Too; Space is Limited; Tofu Toupee; Gifelte Wish; Back of Fridge Experiment; Ballad For My Grandmother; In A Whirled World

Occasional Music

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2016
Track listing: Beginning: In Uncertain Times, Part One; Continuing: In Uncertain Times, Part Two; Ending: In Uncertain Times, Part Three; Thinking in Questions; Vern; Somewhere We Can Visit; Ardmore, South Dakota; Old Strings; Apologies in the Mirror; Greatest Small Victories; New Strings; Forgotten Counties; Tritones: Everything from Edges, Part One; Seconds: Everything from Edges, Part Two; Fourths: Everything from Edges, Part Three; Thanatos at Eventide

a second chance, years later…

Label: Curious Automata
Released: 2016
Track listing: The Meaning of Life; Lift It On Up; Ground Groove; Haley's Comet; Quiet by the Fire; Peace at Last


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