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Formats – Solo Through Nonet

Read "Formats – Solo Through Nonet" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

One plus Two, equals three, and so on. What arbitrary combo size constitutes a big band? None of these.

Solo: Jamie Saft
Solo a Genova
RareNoise Records

That musical provocateur Jamie Saft, he is a prankster. After making all kinds of noise with the likes of Metallic Taste ...


Jeff Dayton-Johnson's Best Releases of 2013

Read "Jeff Dayton-Johnson's Best Releases of 2013" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Every year the list gets longer and more heterogeneous. There are blockbusters and obscure little gems, loud jazz and quiet jazz, hip hop and kora music, some of it downright unclassifiable. Which is fine. “Junku," a 1984 track anthologized on Herbie Hancock's spectacular box set below, is in fact both hip hop and kora music! In ...


Berserk!: Berserk!

Read "Berserk!" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Di Lorenzo Feliciati non si può dire che bene. È un instancabile esploratore di nuove sonorità che ama dilettarsi con profitto nell'arte del crossover. Pensiamo ai Naked Truth, il suo progetto artistico forse più riuscito, super quartetto con due album all'attivo che si muove senza apparente fatica in un territorio musicale che confina con lo speed-trash ...


Berserk!: Berserk!

Read "Berserk!" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

What, you might ask, qualifies a record as Berserk? In this case, going Berserk! combines a string of cunning abstracts, tinted with goofy metrics, blistering progressive-rock etudes, anti-pop, heavy metal and ghostly ambient electronics effects. The masterminds are Italians, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and bassist Lorenzo Feliciati. Perhaps the leaders overdosed on energy drinks, given the ...


Berserk!: Berserk!

Read "Berserk!" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Bassist Lorenzo Feliciati is the driving force behind Naked Truth, whose Ouroboros (RareNoise, 2012), featuring trumpeter Graham Haynes, is an invigorating sonic slab of post-Miles Davis post-jazz-rock. Feliciati and vocalist Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari here convene a coterie of like-minded post-everything musicians to go Berserk!

The hybrid music they make takes Naked Truth as a starting ...