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Nicolas Masson: Travelers

Read "Travelers" reviewed by John Kelman

Following two recordings for ECM Records as a member of the cooperative Third Reel (including the trio's self-titled 2013 debut), reed multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Masson strikes out on his own with Travelers, his first album as a leader for the label.

Third Reel's Swiss/Italian lineup of reeds, guitar (Roberto Pianca) and drums (Emanuele Maniscalco), along ...

Third Reel

A collaborative group brimming with creative potential, Third Reel consists of reed multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Masson, guitarist Roberto Pianca and drummer Emanuele Maniscalco, three committed improvisers and gifted writers, each with a distinct compositional signature. The contrasts, and a shared sensitivity for space, shape the group’s sonic identity. Each member of this Swiss-Italian trio is a bandleader is his own right but the cooperative Third Reel is a priority for all of them. Conceived as a trio without bass from the outset – “it means more responsibility for each player, as well as more risk-taking” – Third Reel went through various drummers until Pianca brought along Emanuele Maniscalco in 2010 (drummer and guitarist had previously collaborated in the band Food Chain).


Roberto Pianca: Sub Rosa

Read "Sub Rosa" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Bella formazione, quella messa assieme dal chitarrista Roberto Pianca per il primo album interamente a suo nome, in programma sei composizioni originali di jazz moderno dalle molteplici influenze. Accanto a lui troviamo infatti Dan Kinzelman e Stefano Senni, con i quali il leader aveva lavorato a più riprese in passato, lo statunitense Glen Zaleski, pianista emergente ...


Kinzelman - Pianca - Senni - Huber: Why Don't You Go Outside?

Read "Why Don't You Go Outside?" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Sempre alla ricerca di nuove forme e strutture, Dan Kinzelman incrocia stavolta il suo percorso con il chitarrista Roberto Pianca, il contrabbassista Stefano Senni e il batterista svizzero Alex Huber. Ne scaturisce un lavoro inquieto, dalla dinamica spesso elevata e dalla sempre fortissima intensità espressiva, nonostante--o forse grazie a--la sostanziale assenza di temi melodici e linearmente ...


2013 Enjoy Jazz Festival

Read "2013 Enjoy Jazz Festival" reviewed by John Kelman

Enjoy Jazz 2013
Heidelberg/Mannheim/Ludwigshafen, Germany
November 6-14, 2013

It's always a treat to return to Heidelberg for Enjoy Jazz. As a very intended contrast to most jazz festivals, that compress a lot of music into a very short time, Enjoy Jazz's founding premise, when it was first conceived 15 years ago by ...


Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013

Read "Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013
jny: Copenhagen, Denmark
July 12-14, 2013
The annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival, with more than a thousand concerts during ten days--spread over more than hundred places and stages across the city--is a special, unique affair. Like other big jazz festivals, it also has its headliners--big names, mostly American, like Terence Blanchard, Richard Bona, ...


Nicolas Masson / Roberto Pianca / Emanuele Maniscalco: Third Reel

Read "Third Reel" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

This Swiss-Italian trio of well-travelled musicians benefits from ECM Records' fabled sonic ambiance, largely brought to fruition by distinct audio engineering processes, owing to spatial characteristics and great depth. Its sound is categorically different than customary jazz, jazz-rock or avant- garde-tinted productions. Whether it's the artists' subtly creative exercises that are introspective and understated, or guitarist ...


Nicolas Masson / Roberto Pianca / Emanuele Maniscalco: Third Reel

Read "Third Reel" reviewed by John Kelman

Few would argue that, while the standard touchstones of contemporary jazz--names like saxophonist John Coltrane, pianist Bill Evans, bassist Charles Mingus, and trumpeter Miles Davis--remain amongst the many cited when contemporary artists are asked for their influences, younger influences have also emerged in the new millennium, names like saxophonist Chris Potter, guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and pianist ...