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ACV: Busk

Read "Busk" reviewed by Claudio Bonomi

I britannici ACV, qui alla loro seconda prova dopo l'ottimo esordio di Fall in Wood del 2010, fanno il botto e danno alle stampe una felice collezione di otto brani che faranno felici gli appassionati di un certo jazz d'oltremanica che rifulge di nobili ascendenze canterburiane.

Il quintetto, guidato dal contrabbassista-compositore Andy Champion, ...


AVC: Busk

Read "Busk" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

The UK label Babel has been nurturing unique talent for the better part of twenty years, judiciously releasing only about a half-dozen albums in a given year. Many of their artists play on the fringes of jazz and some go way beyond the pale. AVC are hardly outliers but neither is the quintet a predictable, formulaic ...

Babel Label: More Songs from the Tower of Sound

Read "Babel Label: More Songs from the Tower of Sound" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

In a time of financial crisis in the world in general and in the music business in particular, the natural thing to do would be to cut down the number of releases and concentrate on safe and palatable productions that cater to a major audience with a predefined taste. However, Oliver Weindling's Babel Label has always ...