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AngelicA Festival: 25 anni

Read "AngelicA Festival: 25 anni" reviewed by Libero Farnè

Centro di ricerca musicale

John Oswald coadiuvato da Domenico Caliri, Chris Cutler & Co. Gianni Gebbia e Carl Stone, Sidsel Endresen con Stian Westerhus: pillole, ma tonificanti, di un festival durato un mese e votato a «presentare musica in continuo movimento senza adagiarsi sulle “novità" o sul “consolidato," ...


Amy Kohn: Plexilusso

Read "Plexilusso" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Nel panorama delle musiche di confine, tra rock, jazz e sperimentazione, Amy Kohn si presenta con una ricca e spiccata personalità. È un'artista visionaria che canta, suona pianoforte e fisarmonica, compone e scrive arrangiamenti complessi dove confluiscono riferimenti quanto mai ampi e suggestivi. Da un lato verrebbe di collocarla nell'ambito del vocalismo creativo ma Amy non ...


Koch-Schutz-Studer with Shelley Hirsch: Walking and Stumbling Through Your Sleep

Read "Walking and Stumbling Through Your Sleep" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

The Swiss improvising trio has made its distinctive footprint for Switzerland-based Intakt Records, also featuring projects based on collaborations with notable musicians, spanning various genres. Here, fabled New York City improvising vocalist Shelley Hirsch imparts her flippant and wily vocal clarity, prowess and passion. Vastly experimental and skirting the perimeters of avant rock and tiny elements ...


Meet Eyal Hareuveni

Read "Meet Eyal Hareuveni" reviewed by AAJ Staff

I currently live in: Jerusalem, Israel

I joined All About Jazz in: 2004

What made you decide to contribute to All About Jazz? At first, All About Jazz provided me a way to express my thoughts, insights and feelings about certain albums that I was listening to, and shared with other friends, online and ...


Billy Martin's Wicked Knee: Heels Over Head

Read "Heels Over Head" reviewed by Mark Corroto

What if drummer Billy Martin of the late-20th, now 21st-century band Medeski Martin and Wood had been born at the end of the 19th century in New Orleans? What kind of music would he play? Certainly, it would have a brass band setting and be inflected with blues feel. Invite Buddy Bolden over tonight, because we ...