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Noa Fort at Cornelia Street Café

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Noa Fort
Cornelia Street Café
New York, NY
March 19, 2018

In celebration of her debut album as leader, pianist and vocalist Noa Fort presented a concert of original songs at Cornelia Street Café. With trumpeter Josh Deutsch, bassist Dan Loomis, and drummer Ronen Itzik sharing the platform, Fort ...


Kyle Taylor Parker at The Green Room 42

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Kyle Taylor Parker
The Green Room 42
The Soul Session
New York, NY
March 11, 2018

Kyle Taylor Parker made a splash when he replaced Billy Porter as Lola in the Broadway hit Kinky Boots. Since jumping into the deep end of musical theater, however, he has never ...

Kirke Karja Quartet: Turbulence

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Despite the title of Turbulence, Estonian pianist/composer Kirke Karja and her eponymous quartet carry this vessel of an album through the smoothest of takeoffs and landings. Riding the jet stream of largely original material, it takes full advantage of its wingspan to cross borders.

The title track is a compression of the album's entire ...


Anat Fort Quartet at Cornelia Street Café

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Anat Fort Quartet
Cornelia Street Café
New York, NY
February 20, 2018

It's easy (and tempting) to think of a great musicians working together like cogs in a well-oiled machine, but when basking in the waves of pianist Anat Fort and her quartet with altoist Michaël Attias, bassist Gary ...


While We Still Have Bodies: While We Still Have Bodies

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While We Still Have Bodies names the collaboration of trombonist Ben Gerstein, bassist Sean Ali, saxophonist Michael Foster, and percussionist Flin van Hemmen. The more one listens to their spontaneous creations, however, the less important such roster division becomes, receding in deference to forces without proper name. To achieve such effect is no small task, for ...


David Virelles & Nosotros at Jazz Standard

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David Virelles & Nosotros feat. Román Díaz
Jazz Standard
New York, NY
January 31, 2018

Since touching hallowed ECM ground in 2013, pianist David Virelles has opened minds of listeners far and wide. Despite the expansive reach of his art, however, the experience of hearing it live is nothing ...


Temple University Jazz Band at The Appel Room

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Temple University Jazz All Star Concert: Celebrating Jazz Education
The Appel Room
Jazz at Lincoln Center
New York, NY
January 30, 2018

Jazz is an ongoing educational experience, above all teaching that music cannot thrive without love. Not only between musicians and what they play, but also between musicians as ...


Amao Quartet: Improcreations

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The Amao Quartet, hailing from southern Brazil, consists (at the time of recording) of guitarists Glauber Kiss de Souza, Daniel de Souza Mendes, Pedro Guerreschi Paiva, and Igor Dornelles Mendes (since replaced by Dino Beghetto). “Consists" is key, as the quartet follows the archaic definition of the word--meaning “to exist together"--to determine the flow of information ...


Never Alone: Reflections on the 2018 Winter Jazzfest

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Ornette Coleman once said that sound has no parents. But that doesn't mean we can't be its children. On that point, jazz has always been something of a parental force, connecting progenies of representation across geographic and cultural borders. Its relationship to struggle has, however, at times been overshadowed by debate. On the one hand, jazz ...


Alicia Hall Moran: Here Today

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To sing wasn't why we were there...
What it was was names tore loose, took wing, what
World had been ours theirs now, sound itself...
--Nathaniel Mackey, “Song of the Andoumboulou: 138"

I may not know from which depth of her soul Alicia Hall Moran summoned Here Today, but I do ...