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Graham Collier: Luminosity

Read "Graham Collier: Luminosity" reviewed by Duncan Heining

A new work, posthumously released and recorded--how many of those can there have been in jazz? Luminosity features two late works by composer Graham Collier brought to realisation through the efforts of his partner, author John Gill and conductor Geoff Warren. To say this record is a fine valediction is a statement infused with regret. These ...


Kit Downes: Light From Old Stars

Read "Kit Downes: Light From Old Stars" reviewed by Phil Barnes

Arch collaborator Kit Downes has been near ubiquitous in UK jazz terms over the last few years. His trio collection Golden was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize (the nearest thing to a UK Grammys) in 2010 and considerably raised his public profile. Yet in interview Downes has commented upon the double edged sword that this ...


Barbacana: Barbacana

Read "Barbacana" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Barbacana is a UK-based group of interest on a number of levels. Chief among them is the presence of the very busy and talented keyboardist Kit Downes. Along with his namesake progressive jazz trio, Downes has worked in the prestigious company of European greats Django Bates and Julian Arguelles, as well as with American alto legend ...


Dan Nicholls: Ruins

Read "Ruins" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Ruins is the debut release from keyboardist and composer Dan Nicholls. Nicholls is based in London, where he is a member of the ever-fascinating Loop Collective. He's declared that his music is inspired, at least in part, by “prevalent issues" such as the Arab Spring--a quick check of the song titles, or a glance at the ...


Kit Downes: Light From Old Stars

Read "Light From Old Stars" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Given pianist/composer Kit Downes' standing in the UK jazz scene it's rather surprising that Light From Old Stars is only the third album he's released under his own name. It's less surprising when his relative youth--he was still in his mid-20s when he recorded this album--and active membership in bands such as Troyka and Stan Sulzmann's ...


Bruno Heinen Sextet: Tierkreis

Read "Tierkreis" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Karlheinz Stockhausen's compositions seldom make it into a jazz musician's list of jam session favorites. Pianist Bruno Heinen might just change that with his interpretation of Stockhausen's 1974-75 composition “Tierkreis," twelve pieces based on the signs of the zodiac and written originally for twelve musical boxes. The Bruno Heinen Sextet's debut album, Tierkreis, keeps some of ...


Mark Lockheart: Ellington in Anticipation

Read "Ellington  in Anticipation" reviewed by John Kelman

Ellington in Anticipation isn't Mark Lockheart's first album to employ an expanded lineup; the Polar Bear/Blue Touch Paper saxophonist collaborated with Germany's WDR Big Band on 2010's Days Like These (Fuzzy Moon) and first cut his teeth in Loose Tubes, the now-legendary large UK collective of then-up-and-comers that included pianist Django Bates, saxophonist Iain Ballamy and ...


Adam Fairhall: The Imaginary Delta

Read "The Imaginary Delta" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo bel progetto che fonde mirabilmente sensazioni tradizionali che arrivano dagli inizi del novecento con lo spirito dei giorni nostri è stato commissionato dal Manchester Jazz Festival dove è stato poi eseguito a fine luglio del 2011. La Slam lo pubblica dopo averlo registrato mirabilmente in quella occasione. Il leader del gruppo è il pianista inglese Andy Fairhall che si ...


Aquarium: Aquarium

Read "Aquarium" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tutti i brani inseriti nel CD, realizzato nel dicembre 2009, si devono alla penna del giovane pianista londinese Sam Leak, di conseguenza leader effettivo del quartetto, che pure reca un nome collettivo. Ci si muove lungo i territori di un jazz classico-moderno piuttosto consolidato, a conti fatti in possesso più di solidità (globale) che non di originalità. Si parte ...


Fulvio Sigurtà: House of Cards

Read "House of Cards" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Da anni non ci si trovava di fronte ad un disco d'esordio così autorevole e compiuto come House of Cards. Ne è superbo protagonista il trombettista bresciano Fulvio Sigurtà, che si attesta così tra le leve più interessanti del jazz italiano. Il suo CD riunisce sapientemente le due anime del jazz continentale, per coniugare la sensibilità di ...