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GoGo Penguin: Ocean in a Drop

Read "Ocean in a Drop" reviewed by Geno Thackara

While William Blake saw the world in a grain of sand, and the poet Rumi wrote that each person is not a drop in an ocean but rather the opposite, GoGo Penguin's ever-expanding sonic world hints at similar multitudes yet to be experienced. It rarely sounds like “just" piano, bass and drums in these hands, and ...


GoGo Penguin: A Humdrum Star

Read "A Humdrum Star" reviewed by Geno Thackara

“Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people."
-Carl Sagan

GoGo Penguin's snappy-yet-offbeat name is a pretty good indicator of their personality--partly inspired ...


GoGo Penguin: A Humdrum Star

Read "A Humdrum Star" reviewed by Phil Barnes

If 2016's Man Made Object, their first for Blue Note, was an exercise in consolidating past triumphs while signposting potential ways forward, then there can be no doubt that with A Humdrum Star GoGo Penguin have stepped into a version of that future. Ostensibly the title is a self-effacing reference to a Carl Sagan TV series ...


GoGo Penguin at Out To Lunch

Read "GoGo Penguin at Out To Lunch" reviewed by Ian Patterson

GoGo Penguin
Black Box / Out To Lunch Arts Festival
jny:Belfast, N. Ireland
January 19, 2018

GoGo Penguin's first gig of 2018 saw the Manchester trio return to Belfast's Black Box for the Out To Lunch festival --a month-long celebration of comedy, documentaries and the broadest spectrum of music imaginable--from opera, ...


GoGo Penguin: Man Made Object

Read "Man Made Object" reviewed by Luca Muchetti

Uscito ormai quasi dieci mesi fa, Man Made Object è un album che l'Italia ha visto rappresentato dal vivo a quasi un anno di distanza a Milano, quando solo due mesi fa i GoGo Penguin hanno preso il centro del palco al Teatro dell'Arte. Il trio piano-basso-batteria di Manchester (Chris Illingworth, Nick Blacka e Rob Turne) ...


GoGo Penguin: Man Made Object

Read "GoGo Penguin: Man Made Object" reviewed by Phil Barnes

Its stick or twist for GoGo Penguin as they release this, their Blue Note debut and the first of a reputed three album deal. Do they push ahead, expanding their palette of electronica seen through the prism of acoustic jazz, or retreat a tad in deference to their new paymasters by emphasising the more traditional jazz ...


GoGo Penguin at Riverbank Arts Centre

Read "GoGo Penguin at Riverbank Arts Centre" reviewed by Ian Patterson

GoGo Penguin
Riverbank Arts Centre
Newbridge, Ireland
October 31, 2015

With the Curragh Racecourse just a few furlongs away, Newbridge is more famous for horse racing than for its bridge that spans The Liffey. However, the independent Riverbank Arts Centre--just forty minutes from Dublin--is doing its bit to broaden the ...

Nat Birchall: Live In Larissa

Read "Nat Birchall: Live In Larissa" reviewed by Phil Barnes

This limited double vinyl and download collection is a wonderful document of two nights that Birchall and his band played at the Duende Jazz Bar in Larissa during May 2013. The trip appears to have made an enormous impression on Birchall who commented shortly after returning that “I think our visit will become one of the ...


Nat Birchall Quintet: Live In Larissa

Read "Live In Larissa" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Two shows on the tiny stage of the Duende Jazz Bar in Larissa, Greece, in May 2013, form the basis for the Nat Birchall Quintet's Live In Larissa: a live album that provides a welcome and impressive addition to Birchall's discography.

Birchall, a master of soprano and tenor saxophones who's based in the north west ...


GoGo Penguin: v2.0

Read "v2.0" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

So what do we have here? An album by Manchester trio GoGo Penguin. The minimalist front cover gives nothing away, no band name, no album title. The somewhat prosaic title, v2.0 is actually rather more informative--for this is the band's second album, performed by its second lineup. Pianist Chris Illingworth and drummer Rob Turner both appeared ...