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Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra: Hits!*, Vol. 1

Read "Hits!*, Vol. 1" reviewed by Jack Bowers

There's actually an asterisk after the title of the Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra's latest album, Hits! Vol. 1 In small print, at the bottom left-hand side of the jacket, are the words “except track 8." As Partyka explains in the liner notes, much of the album is comprised of “a cross section of the music that ...


Buddy Rich: In a Zone of His Own

Read "Buddy Rich: In a Zone of His Own" reviewed by Jack Bowers

One of the channels that came with my Dish Network package is Classic Arts Showcase, which is a treasure trove of film clips documenting classical, ballet, folk, pop and other forms of music that one is unlikely to see anywhere else (although some footage is presumably available on YouTube, which more and more seems to encompass ...


Reinhold Schmolzer & Orchestraconteur: Miraculous Loss of Signal

Read "Miraculous Loss of Signal" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Reinhold Schmölzer is a vivid impressionist, a trait he makes evident as a composer, arranger and drummer on his debut, Miraculous Loss of Signal. He is as eloquent in his writing as he is in his arrangements, letting his Orchestraconteur express itself in all its majesty while opening the door for soloists, who go out on ...