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Ben Allison: Quiet Revolution

Read "Quiet Revolution" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

A due anni dall'esclusiva uscita in vinile della Newvelle Records, Ben Allison rende disponibile Quiet Revolution a un pubblico più vasto, pubblicandolo in CD e nei consueti formati digitali. L'incisione è stata remixata e rimasterizzata con l'aggiunta di due brani inediti.

La cosa farà piacere agli estimatori del bassista di New Haven, che ...


Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology

Read "Poetry and Jazz: A Chronology" reviewed by Duncan Heining

My intention here is to offer a detailed but inevitably incomplete chronology of poetry and jazz. The focus is solely on the combination of the two art forms in performance, not on poetry about jazz or jazz musicians or poetry inspired by jazz but not performed to music. My definition of 'poetry' is fairly broad and ...


Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2012: October 5-6, 2012

Read "Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2012: October 5-6, 2012" reviewed by John Kelman

Dutch Jazz & World Meeting
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 5-6, 2012
With Jazzahead! 2012--the annual European jazz trade fair--demonstrating that jazz is, if not exactly big business, then certainly bigish business, it's no surprise to find that The Netherlands' biannual Dutch Jazz & World Meeting is making the same salient point, albeit more narrowly ...