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Meet Matt Yaple

Read "Meet Matt Yaple" reviewed by Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper

Growing up in a small Midwestern town in a “whites only" county may not seem like the obvious path to jazz fandom. But when AM radio is your childhood companion, piping the likes of Mahalia Jackson, Ray Charles,  and Dinah Washington to you under the bedcovers at night, and Dad is a multi-instrumentalist jazz fan who ...

September 2012: Exuberance

Read "September 2012: Exuberance" reviewed by RJ Johnson

Chris' Jazz Café
Philadelphia, PA
September 12, 2012

Amongst the diverse array of working jazz groups encompassing the Philadelphia jazz scene, Exuberance--a band which performs a book of entirely original music--has emerged as a popular interest amongst musicians and non-musicians alike. By combining thoughtful writing with an intricate ...