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Aka Balkan Moon & AlefBa: Double Live

Read "Double Live" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

The music of the Balkans has been progressively finding a prominent place among Western listeners of creative music in the past several years, though its presence has been a relevant factor for decades. Notably Raya Brass Band, Eastern Boundary Quartet and Balkan Beat Box have directly and indirectly incorporated the regional influences in the context of ...


Jeff Dayton-Johnson's Best Releases of 2013

Read "Jeff Dayton-Johnson's Best Releases of 2013" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Every year the list gets longer and more heterogeneous. There are blockbusters and obscure little gems, loud jazz and quiet jazz, hip hop and kora music, some of it downright unclassifiable. Which is fine. “Junku," a 1984 track anthologized on Herbie Hancock's spectacular box set below, is in fact both hip hop and kora music! In ...


Carles Benavent: Jazz, Flamenco and Blues

Read "Carles Benavent: Jazz, Flamenco and Blues" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Of all the instrumentalists in contemporary music, only a handful have become game changers. Jazz trumpet has Louis Armstrong, rock guitar has Jimi Hendrix, jazz saxophone has Charlie Parker. Flamenco bass guitar has Carles Benavent. Benavent's fluid, melodic and emotive style of playing is as beautiful as it is distinctive. Developed initially from a love of ...

Magic Malik: Alternate Steps

Read "Alternate Steps" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

Flutist Malik Mezzadri grew up on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, and moved to France to study at the conservatory in Marseille when he was 17. There he would win the first prize in flute; for more than twenty years, his subsequent idiosyncratic career as Magic Malik has seen him energetically flitting about the territory where ...

Magic Malik: Short Cuts

Read "Short Cuts" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La musica di Malik è sempre stata un variopinto blend di elementi diversi: melodie suggestive di sapore etnico dalla marcata articolazione ritmica, con arrangiamenti e interventi improvvisati di chiaro stampo jazzistico. Una musica affascinante anche per i variegati accostamenti timbrici che non disdegnavano l'uso dell'elettronica. In questo nuovo lavoro, il primo in quartetto, ma con partner già presenti nel precedente Saoule, Malik ...

Magic Malik - Minino Garay - Jaime Torres: Altiplano

Read "Altiplano" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dopo i suoi promettenti esordi discografici per la Label Bleu, avevamo perso le tracce di Magic Malik, che incontriamo di nuovo in questo CD dalla ricca veste editoriale, in cui il flautista dà il suo contributo ad una musica d’ibridazione, attuale e accattivante, che, come cita la copertina, intende dare “una lettura inedita della chacarera, della milonga, della zamba ...