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Bounce Trio: Contrasts

Read "Contrasts" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

At the heart of things, the Bounce Trio's Contrasts is a set of good time organ jazz, coming out of the tradition of Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Dr. Lonnie Smith, three organists who emerged in the 50s and 60s, riding a highly engaging urban soul jazz wave. But in a genre that seems more resistant to ...


Matthieu Marthouret Bounce Trio: Small Streams...Big Rivers

Read "Small Streams...Big Rivers" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Grenoble-born keyboardist Matthieu Marthouret started playing the Hammond organ as a way of covering for bass players' absence from rehearsals. It became one of his favorite instruments, leading to the formation of the Matthieu Marthouret Organ Quartet in 2007 and then to the establishment of the Bounce Trio. Small Streams...Big Rivers is the first album from ...


Matthieu Marthouret: Upbeats

Read "Upbeats" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Giunge alla seconda prova discografica l'Organ Quartet di Matthieu Marthouret: Upbeats, uscito da poco per la Double Moon Records, continua il percorso cominciato nel 2009 con Playground. Il pianista francese, nativo di Grenoble, ma ormai parigino a tutti gli effetti, dove risiede da qualche anno, è innegabilmente attratto dal soul jazz, tipico degli anni d'oro della Blue Note. Quello per ...


Matthieu Marthouret Organ Quartet: Upbeats

Read "Upbeats" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but also of direction. French pianist Matthieu Marthouret initially took on the task of mastering the organ because of problems finding bass players for rehearsals, but he found his own voice on the instrument and discovered a world of possibilities in the process. The debut album from his ...