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Babel Med Music 2017

Read "Babel Med Music 2017" reviewed by Martin Longley

Babel Med Music 2017
Marseille, France
March 16-18, 2017

Babel Med Music is at once a public festival, a conference and a trade fare, possessing the capacity to be experienced on multiple levels, as the ratios of these aspects are juggled by the individual attendee. Its thrust is primarily towards ...


Ska: The Rhythm of Liberation

Read "Ska: The Rhythm of Liberation" reviewed by Duncan Heining

Ska: The Rhythm of Liberation
Heather Augustyn
163 pages
ISBN: # 978-0-8108-8449-6

Heather Augustyn's Don Drummond: The Genius and Tragedy of the World's Greatest Trombonist offers an excellent study of a gifted but troubled man that succeeds both as analysis and narrative. By contrast, Ska: The Rhythm ...


Stan Sulzmann: Neon Quartet

Read "Stan Sulzmann: Neon Quartet" reviewed by Chris May

Stan Sulzmann is among the most singular saxophonists in the UK, with an instantly recognizable, lush but rough-edged sound, and a distinguished track record as a composer and arranger for large and small bands.

Born in London in 1948, Sulzmann is approaching veteran status and is a source of inspiration to many of Britain's emerging ...

Various Artists: The Leopard Lounge Box Set

Read "Various Artists: The Leopard Lounge Box Set" reviewed by Chris May

Various Artists

The Leopard Lounge Box Set

Warner Jazz


If you enjoy the TV series Mad Men, you are going to love The Leopard Lounge Box Set. Probably.

You need to go know what you are getting into. Should you be offended by the thought of guitarist Barney Kessel hanging ...