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Latest from Danish Barefoot Records

Read "Latest from Danish Barefoot Records" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The 2012 edition of the Copenhagen Jazz festival offered a musical snapshot of the vibrant and varied Danish improvisational scene and its strong ties with other European improv scenes. The festival hosted 18 concerts, organized by the music collective and record label Barefoot Records. Half of those concerts were recorded, enjoying the presence of many guests ...


Django Bates: From Zero to Sixty in Five Days

Read "Django Bates: From Zero to Sixty in Five Days" reviewed by John Kelman

It's rare enough to get to catch the premiere of a brand new work in a location as removed as Luleå, Sweden--just 100 kilometers south of the Arctic circle and in late May already experiencing 22-hour days and temperatures between 20 and 25 Celsius. But to get to experience the birth of a commission and to ...


¡haUtUllin!: ¡haUtUllin!

Read "¡haUtUllin!" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

{¡haUtUllin!}} is a new Scandinavian duo-- Norwegian drummer Håkon Berre, residing in Copenhagen, and Finnish guitarist Markus Pesonen-- that aim to break away from the prevailing musical genres and common understanding of their instruments roles and usage. The duo is gifted with reckless energy, imaginary vocabulary and a rebellious, eccentric spirit. The live improvisations embrace all, ...


Markus Pesonen Hendectet: Hum

Read "Hum" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il Markus Pesonen Hendectet è un gruppo di undici musicisti, prevalentemente danesi e tedeschi (anche se il leader è il chitarrista finlandese Markus Pesonen), che si muovono fra Copenhagen e Berlino per cercare un punto di equilibrio fra il rock progressivo e la musica classica contemporanea, senza rinnegare il linguaggio jazzistico moderno che li accomuna. In questo ottimo Hum li ...


An Open Letter to Musicians: Lemme Hear It!

Read "An Open Letter to Musicians: Lemme Hear It!" reviewed by Dave Sumner

This begins a series of posts intended to give artists, labels, and promoters some insight into how I use the internet to discover and purchase music and how that knowledge might be used to the benefit of the artists.

I don't claim to be the prototypical music listener and buyer. I listen to, and ...