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Freddie Hubbard: Straight Life (40th Anniversary Edition)

Read "Straight Life (40th Anniversary Edition)" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

CTI Records reissued trumpeter Freddie Hubbard's November 1970 date, Straight Life, in 2011. As with some of the other reissues in this series (see John Kelman's in-depth discussion of some of the more important of these), its availability on compact disc has been spotty. Straight Life is a good--if not great--record, and it's good to have ...


Don Alias and Nina Simone

Read "Don Alias and Nina Simone" reviewed by Melanie Futorian

[Editor's Note: Cymbalism is a new All About Jazz column that will feature excerpts from an upcoming autobiography on the late, great percussionist Don Alias, co-written by Melanie Futorian, his companion for the last seven years of his life. This installment pays tribute to the sixth anniversary of his death in March, 2006.]

Don ...